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New 19th c. Luxury-Retro Tourist Train Now on the Trans-Siberian Express, Moscow - Beijing.

“Imperial Russia” train treks a luxury tourist route from Moscow to Beijing.

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Russian TV just came out with a segment on the “Imperial Russia” train which treks a luxury tourist route from Moscow to Beijing.

The route explores various historical and cultural locations across Russia as passengers travel an almost 10,000km (6214 miles) path., including Lake Baikal, the largest fresh water lake in the world, Ekaterinburg, where the Tsar and his family were murdered, and Kazan, the Islamic capital of the Tatars.

The conductor says the trip is popular with Americans.

Transcript  below:


"Imperial Russia" train is now departing from the Kazansky railway station. Its passengers are traveling from Moscow to Beijing. The route crosses 3 countries: Russia, Mongolia, and China.

Our correspondent Pavel Melnik is now live.

- Pavel, hello. What else will tourists have throughout the journey?

- Hello, Mariya. We can see the "Imperial Russia" train departing eastwards from Moscow's Kazansky railway station. An antique locomotive "Lebedyanka" is leading the series of wagons with about 100 tourists towards new discoveries. Passengers will cover almost 10,000 km from the west to the east. They will stop off in most important corners of our country.

For example, they'll taste the original Tatarian pilaw in Kazan. They will have a tour of Ekaterinburg, the Ural region capital, connected with the Tsar dynasty. There will also be other stops as well. For example, a dinner will take place right on Baikal's coast. For many passengers this journey might appear a genuine revelation as there are many foreigners from America, Britain and even Sri Lanka. That's what they told us before the departure.

Dieter Neuhof: "Whoever I told about my trip, they all called it a unique opportunity. It is considered to be something special."

Liliya Kushnerova: "I feel joy, and I'm in high spirits. And I anticipate something very pleasant and extraordinary during the journey. And I also feel young."

- Indeed, we hope they will enjoy the journey. That was our correspondent Pavel Melnik live; thank you, Pavel.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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