Albright's Russia-Bashing Still Proves a Hit With CNN

In her latest interview the former US Secretary of State shows just how far contemporary US policy-makers are from understanding Russian policies - and the utter ignorance at the root of it

Do not be fooled by this lady’s appearance.  Pearl necklace, neatly permed hair - why she could be your own grandmother.  Madeleine Albright is the very essence of the phrase ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’. The woman who most famously said that the deaths of 500,000 children was "worth it" for the regime change in Iraq, is no ordinary babushka. The former Secretary of State is the US’ foremost warmonger, and more worryingly, she’s still being listened to.  Still a policy-maker, Albright continues to serve on the Council of Foreign Relations’ Board of Directors.

In an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour recently, she did her best to stir propagate more falsehoods regarding Russian foreign policy.


She states with regard to Tsipras’ recent visit to Moscow and the closer ties between Greece and Russia that "It’s very hard to figure out what Putin is up to, but I think one thing, that he wants to split the western alliance. That is part of his game."  I don’t think he needs to do anything - the US is doing a great job of it already by spying on your allies’ cellphones.

Just as concerning as the warmongering however, is her ignorance.  With regard to contemporary foreign policy, she replies: "What is this all about; why is this going on?". You’re supposed to be giving the answers, Albright, not asking the questions. Her responses reflect a worrying trend in the West on the whole: a continual catastrophic misreading of Russian foreign policy and a complete inability on the part of the US government to view itself and its actions objectively in the international arena.

But the best is yet to come. This new Cold War is actually due to "Putin’s whole attempt here to deal with what is an identity crisis that the Russians are having." The Russians, citizens of a country with perhaps the strongest sense of national identity and appreciation of their culture and history - have, according to Albright an ‘identity crisis’. Do we laugh or cry at this point?!

With regard to NATO increasingly its military presence in Eastern Europe she states it is "practising deterrence" and that "it did not start this". No, Madeleine, NATO did not need to start the Ukraine crisis because their partners-in-crime, the US and EU did such a good job of it. I’m sure Hitler was also practising deterrence when he invaded Czechoslovakia; interestingly your own country of birth.

Putin did something "completely illegal" in annexing Crimea, did he? Well the US would know all about illegalities, wouldn’t it, Albright, after condoning the illegal ousting of Yanukovich and replacing him with their own puppet government in Kiev. And tell me once again, Albright, just how legal was the invasion of Iraq?

In response to the latest wikileaks revelations on the US monitoring of French Presidents’ cellphones, she responded informatively, "I have no idea...But I think that people do do things you wish they didn’t". Incredible, Mrs Albright, with that approach to life you should easily be able to get over the Crimean issue, shouldn’t you? Please tell us, how exactly did you get your job?

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