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NATO's Large-Scale Anti-Submarine Exercises Start in Norway

"Dynamic Mongoose" drills have been held in Norway every years since 2012. This year the war games a total of 20 warships

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OSLO, May 4 (TASS) - NATO’s large-scale anti-submarine drills dubbed Dynamic Mongoose 2015 have started off Norway’s western coast, the NATO Allied Maritime Command reported on Monday.

The maneuvers that will last until May 14 involve a total of 20 warships, aircraft and submarines. These are the third naval drills held since 2012 and invariably hosted by Norway.

The previous maneuvers practiced the tasks for both surface ships and submarines to search for, detect and destroy an imaginary enemy’s submarines.

This year’s exercises differ from the previous maneuvers and involve the participation of Sweden, which is not a NATO member state.

The chief operational command of the Norwegian armed forces earlier said Norway would send its Fridtjof Nansen-class frigate for participation in the Dynamic Mongoose 2015 exercises. The frigate is designated for anti-submarine warfare.

The Dynamic Mongoose 2014 exercises involved servicemen from eight countries, 10 warships, three submarines, three patrol planes and also helicopters.

For the Dynamic Mongoose 2013 drills, seven NATO member states provided four warships, 11 aircraft and helicopters and also 4 submarines.

The 2015 maneuvers involve the participation of 10 countries, including Sweden, and over 5,000 servicemen. The headquarters of the drills are located at Norway’s Haakonsvern main naval base near Bergen and the Sola aerodrome of the Norwegian Air Force at Stavanger.

The planning and coordination of the Dynamic Mongoose 2015 naval drills are exercised by the NATO Submarine Command at the Northwood base in the UK.

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MORE: Military

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