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Nato is Meeting Today in Wales. Here's My Suggestion for an Agenda


This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Mr Kerry one year ago was telling us that it was absolutely certain that the Syrian government was using chemical weapons and that we had to go bombing. That wasn’t true. Today he’s asking us to bomb the people he wanted us to support last year.  Discuss.

We all saw the photos this week of the militia cavorting in the US Embassy swimming pool in Tripoli. Was our intervention in Libya a good idea?  Discuss.

A month ago we learned that the Kosovo Liberation Army that we supported, indeed put into power with its own country, was a pretty nasty criminal organisation. How did this happen?  Discuss.

In conclusion, NATO interventions appear to make things worse, detract from the security of its members and are based on pretty flimsy evidence.  Discuss.

But you know perfectly well that we will hear that NATO is wonderful, Ukraine is wonderful, Russia is bad and so is ISIS. NATO must get stronger.

What we should hear is that NATO has screwed up everything it’s touched since about 1990 and should, for the security of its members, pack up and go home.


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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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