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NATO Is Conspiring With a Mafiosi Regime to Gobble up a Country That Does Not Actually Support Membership

There's no way this is ever going to blowback on anyone, is there?

This year NATO will again -- for the fourth time since the end of the Cold War -- expand, to incorporate the country of Montenegro.

It is a done deal. The majority of the NATO members have already formally greenlighted the move. The US is expected to follow shortly as per the recommendation of Trump's advisor Michael Flynn.

After this Montegro's parliament will approve membership, ignoring the demand the issue be settled by a referendum as had been earlier promised.

NATO marching deeper into Eastern Europe is hardly news anymore, but what's remarkable about this expansion is how hungry the alliance is for expansion -- so much so that it is now gobbling up countries where NATO is not actually welcome.

Public opinion polling comissioned by the US Embassy and NATO themselves last December proves so. According to research carried out by a local NGO the two hired 39.5 percent of Montengrins support NATO membership for their country and 39.7 percent oppose it.

Far from there being widespread joy that the Yanks are coming, Montenegrins -- who were bombed by NATO in 1999 -- are bitterly and evenly divided on the issue.

And that is after the constant, ear-shattering pro-NATO propaganda that they have been subjected to by their government and the media for years now.

At the same time Montenegro which has been ruled by one and the same party for over twenty-five years now -- most of that time by one and the same man -- enjoys such levels of government corruption and criminality it would not feel out of place among the Stans of Central Asia.

It is less a government, and more a gang of smugglers and extortionists with a police force.

But it is a useful gang! One that is going to deliver its country to the feet of Washington and Brussels, even if it has to drag it kicking and screaming. That makes all the difference.

When Montenegro joins NATO latter this year as the first country that was bombed by it, there are going to be a lot of smug smiles in the imperial capitals.

And yes, at the moment the opposition is demoralized. Regardless of their preferences 53 percent of Montenegrins believe the country will become a part of NATO and only 20 percent think that will not happen.

But years down the line the country could get its stuff back together and expel NATO in a symbolic blow to the organization, or else it could tear itself apart over it in the manner of Ukraine

I am not sure US and NATO officials understand these realities. I am not sure they would care if they did.

PS.: The same US/NATO-comissioned poll has EU only slightly more popular than Russia, and the latter slightly more popular than the US. This place has Ukraine Deux writen all over it.

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