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Leaked Documents Reveal Sinister NATO Intention to Spread Propaganda in Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova

Documents reveal, among other things, how ineffective the Kiev regime has been in winning the hearts and minds of those it slaughters. 

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NATO and the West are playing with fire. They are waging a campaign in Ukraine and other countries that surround Russia. The ultimate goal is regime or system change in Russia itself.

This web site has several interesting documents that we ordinarily do not get to see. One is a grant application and another is a NATO COE (Center of Excellence) document. Clicking twice on the documents makes them easy to read.

COE is a NATO organization. “Coordinated by Allied Command Transformation (ACT) in Norfolk, Virginia in the United States, COEs are considered to be international military organisations. They generally specialise in one functional area and act as subject matter experts in their field. They distribute their in-depth knowledge through training, conferences, seminars, concepts, doctrine, lessons learned and papers.”

The NATO document shows how it’s organizing “educational” and “training” meetings, seminars, mentoring, etc. so as to overcome the failures and failings of Ukrainian government.

The grant document shows how an NGO in Ukraine is applying for support funds. The goals of that project overlap those in the NATO COE document. They are more explicit in several cases, aiming at “decreasing the Russian information influence in Ukraine, discredit of the Russian political and military leaders” and “demonization of the Russian politicians that are most popular in Ukraine.”

Imagine similar campaigns occurring within America. Imagine similar institutions of winning the hearts and minds of American citizens. Imagine indoctrination. States are built up from such training of minds. Allegiance is built up.

Public education in America is the prime means of indoctrination and building of state support and compliant citizens. Wide-reaching social programs, media, grants, voting, myths, semi-religious trappings, the university systems all contribute to American socialization into acceptance and support of the government and the state.

Building up a state and a democracy from a near-zero basis as the U.S. is attempting to do or hopes to do in many countries, and building it up according to the specifications of the U.S. values is an all but impossible task. What actually happens is that the U.S. aims to train a cadre of leaders beholden to its purse strings who can be replaced at a moment’s notice or otherwise blackmailed into doing the bidding of the U.S. All the talk about democracy and state-building is just that — talk. Voting is only a means of getting people to accept a yoke and leaders selected beforehand who are pliable to U.S. goals. Training of local police and military by the U.S. in foreign countries is clearly to build the force that these leaders will need to rule. Contrast that method with how the Chinese operate through investment and business ventures. The Russians seem to operate on the levels of military co-ventures, spying and business contracts too.

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