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MSNBC Misrepresents Russian Paper, Won't Take Down Misleading Report

MSNBC's online outlet “NowThis” erronously claimed that a Russian paper was spreading controversy about prince William and Kate Middleton

This video originally appeared at In The Now Facebook Page & YouTube Channel

On-line outlet “NowThis” published a video report about how a Russian newspaper is spreading controversy about the Royal baby - which is a complete lie. In the Now contacted the outlet pointing out the mistake.

<figcaption>Still image from the video</figcaption>
Still image from the video

They changed their Facebook description in response, but refused to take down their misleading video.

All of this in light of a string of scandals involving NBC's Brian Williams and Richard Engel who were caught lying about reports in Iraq and Syria.


MSNBC's NowThis refuses to take down MISLEADING report. No surprise, given the amount of lie-related scandals connected to NBC #RoyalBaby #BrianWilliams #RichardEngel

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In the NOW
Tuesday, 5 May 2015


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