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Move Over Fort Knox: Russia Shows Off Its Vast Gold Reserves

The US Fed is so secretive about its Ft. Knox reserves that there are doubts by now whether the place still holds any gold at all -- we reckon there will be no such doubt about Russia's holdings

It’s no secret that Russia has been stacking the shiny phyzz for years, and here’s a glimpse showing exactly how they stack…

Photos from main gold storage of Central Bank of Russia. Almost 1800 tons of gold is stored here. This is the main storage of gold in Russia. This makes Russia to be number six in the world by gold storage.

However ten years ago Russia had only 3% share of the total world gold storage.

Today Russia’s gold is 17% of world’s gold.

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And this is how all this gold is being stored.

What's perhaps most interesting about these images is Russia's willingness to release them now to the public.

One wonders how long before China shows its gold holdings too?

Source: English Russia

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