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Moscow's Giant Annual Agriculture and Food Production Fair - TV News

Russian food production is booming

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Every year Moscow hosts an enormous Agriculture and Food production fair, attended by millions of people, many of them from Europe.

It is second in size only to Berlin's Green week, and is called 'Golden Autumn.'

<figcaption>Small Russian producers are everywhere now</figcaption>
Small Russian producers are everywhere now

Several enormous exhibition halls are packed full of the latest agricultural equipment, exhibits from every oblast and region, - even the USDA has a booth.

It lasts a few weeks, and has the air of a festival - with many people dressed in traditional costumes, dancing and singing across multiple stages - people handing out free food.

Russia is an emerging food production giant. Here is a Russian TV News report from this year's 'Golden Autumn.'

(Full transcript below)


The Golden Autumn, a grandiose food festival, concluded in Moscow. In 2.5 weeks, it's been visited by nearly 6 million people. This year, the event was truly grand, with 155 locations all over Moscow.

The participants of the festival were farmers and large-scale manufacturers from all over the country. For many of them, their products may appear on foreign supermarket shelves.

Dmitry Krasnov, Agricultural Ministry Director:

"Each year, our fair becomes more active, and this year we pay more attention to exporting Russian-made produce. We deliberately invited around 100 foreign buyers, reps from foreign purchasing companies, who have already, based on preliminary results, signed contracts worth about 3 billion rubles".


Golden Autumn is just a part of the Moscow Seasons cycle. And now, the Capital is preparing for the winter's "Trip to Christmas."

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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