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Moscow's Astonishing Infrastructure Boom - 25 New Metro Stops, Massive Roads, Tunnels, Bridges (Russian TV Video)

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If you travel to Moscow you notice it instantly - massive construction projects, new train lines, metro stops, roads.

Quick facts: 20 new miles of subway lines, 15 new stations this year, 10 next year, 79 miles of roads much of which includes complex structures such as bridges, overpasses, etc.

The city is renovating 100 million sq. ft of city-owned housing this year, and will renovate an astonishing 400 million next year. (The transcript in the video is mistakenly off by a factor of 10 because they confused meters with feet.)

A very revealing report. 

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Full transcript below:


This year Moscow broke several records, and millions of the city's inhabitants and guests could feel them. The Metro, roads, new housing - the capital is developing at an impressive pace. At a meeting with Vladimir Putin, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin reported the results in detail.

We have our observer Tatiana Remizova in the studio.

- Tatiana, what has been done and what is there still to do?

- Ernest, for a 12 million-people metropolis transportation is a high priority, so they started the conversation with it.

Vladimir Putin: “You were inaugurated just recently. But even before that, you had been working hard. You and I have visited launching facilities of the transport infrastructure not once. Let's start with it.”

Sergei Sobyanin: “As for the metro, we've broken all of the records from in our time and the Soviet times. We've introduced 20 miles of subway lines, 15 stations. Moreover, there are another 10 stations ready.”

15 new stations have been introduced in this year alone. 7 on the Kalininsko-Solntsevskaya line, 3 on the Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya line, and 5 on the Bolshaya Koltsevaya line. The Bolshaya Koltsevaya will be the world's longest metro line, about 45 miles long, longer than the one in Beijing. Every section is already under construction.

Another record - 79 miles of new roads have been introduced this year.

Most of them are complex engineering structures: bridges, overpasses, tunnels, in already built-up areas. New sections of key highways have opened: The Northeast and Northwest Highways, the Kaluzhskoye Highway, the interchange of the Kaluzhskoye and Kievskoe Highways. They connect railroads to the Moscow Central Circle. When the central diameters are built, Moscow will become a major transportation hub in Europe. Salaries grow along with investments and production.

- Another landmark project is the renovation. What's the progress there?

- Ernest, the figures are impressive.

Sergei Sobyanin: “We've seriously advanced this year. About a 10 million square meters will be under the renovation program. Next year - about 43 million at once.”

Moscow is going to help Sevastopol in landscaping, repairing schools, and hospitals. They're sister cities. As Sobyanin reminded, they've always been helping each other. Even when Sevastopol was not a part of Russia. The president quickly corrected him.

Vladimir Putin: “Legally, Sevastopol has always been part of Russia. It was a municipality. Even when it was illegally transferred from the Russian to the Ukrainian SSR. I say illegally because the decision was made by the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR and Ukraine and then approved by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. By law, the decision should have been approved by the Supreme Councils of the republics and the Supreme Council of the USSR. But even in this illegal, in fact, process, Sevastopol was simply forgotten. It was not transferred from the RSFSR to Ukraine. That means that legally and formally, it has always been part of Russia.

"The helping bridge" between Moscow and Sevastopol starts working next year.

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- Thank you. That was our observer Tatiana Remizova.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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