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Moscow Sore Loser Summit: Netanyahu Cries About Iran ‘Fighting Israel From Syrian Territory’

After severe weeping, Netanyahu concluded historic Sore Loser Summit in Moscow

As we reported earlier today, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came to Moscow on Thursday to "express Israel’s vehement opposition to allowing Iranian troops, or satellite groups" to remain in Syria.

Here's what he told Putin while holding back tears:

"(Iran) is arming itself and its forces against Israel including from Syria territory and is, in fact, gaining a foothold to continue the fight against Israel," he said in reply to a reporter's question.

"There cannot be peace when they continue the war and therefore they have to be removed."

You heard it here first: Iran is "continuing the fight against Israel" in Syria. We thought Iran is fighting "moderate" rebels and ISIS in Syria? We were misled. Iran is fighting Israel.

Putin's response?

I want to take the opportunity to congratulate you on the upcoming Purim holiday and wish everyone in Israel happy holidays.

We're sure Putin was very moved by Netanyahu's performance, but it seems like Moscow is in no rush to tell Tehran to leave Syria — especially since Iran was invited to kill terrorists in Syria, while Israel is currently occupying Syrian land.

As the Washington Post reports:

In its official statements, Moscow has been unwilling to make predictions about what would happen with Iran’s military buildup after the end of hostilities in Syria. 

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, in an interview with the newspaper al-Hayat on Sunday that was quoted by the Interfax news agency, said that any decision on the withdrawal of Iranian forces would rest with Syria’s leaders. 

Today was a good day.

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