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Moscow Is #6 in Financial Times Top 10 Cities in Europe (Russian TV News)

Moscow has grown into a very pleasant city to live and work in, believe us, we live here

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

 Based on economic opportunities, quality of life, transport and Internet accessibility, Moscow is rated sixth best in Europe and number one in Eastern Europe. 

The following clip taken from Russian nightly news, with transcript below describes the perks of living in Moscow.


Moscow is one of the top ten European cities of the future, according to the rating created by Financial Times Group analysts. The experts assess more than 100 criteria, from economic potential and quality of life to development of transport and Internet accessibility. Among more than 300 cities, the Russian capital ranked sixth. It's also the unconditional leader in Eastern Europe.

Fyodor Chervyakov will tell you about its advantages.

Prague, Warsaw, and Budapest lag behind. Moscow ranks first as the most modern and comfortable city among all capitals of Eastern European countries. The ranking of the best European cities was carried out by comparing over 100 criteria. The main ones are gross product, residents’ life expectancy, number of inhabitants with a degree, availability of offices for rent, Internet accessibility, as well as the development of transport and road network.

7 years ago, Moscow was nicknamed the capital of traffic jams. The average speed of cars barely held up to 16 kilometers per hour. Thanks to new junctions, additional lanes, and smart traffic lights, this figure tripled. The public transport network also grew significantly. A project comparable in scale, the Great Metro Circle Line, was launched after completing the Moscow Central Circle. 20 new stations will be opened in the capital this year alone. Modern cars are already in use, and technological clusters are continuing their R&D. Innovations are widely used in Muscovites’ everyday life.

Yevgeny Plisetsky, assistant professor at the Higher School of Economics: “We're developing the e-government, providing state services through the Internet, such as making appointments in polyclinics, inscription to kindergartens."

Big residential complexes are being built in Moscow. Kindergartens, schools, hospitals get erected near apartment buildings. By the way, the average life expectancy of Muscovites increased by three years, and now it is of 77 years. The quality of medical services is improving, and the newly created School of Professional Growth identifies the most talented medical university students.

Sergey Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow: "The students expressed their willingness to participate in a special internship program that Moscow has been able to set up for them to be better prepared for work in our clinics and hospitals."

Mikhail Blinkin, director of the HSE Institute of Transport Economics and Transport Policy: "According to these parameters, Moscow's progress has been whirlwind over the past 5-6 years."

Experts say that city ratings are now very popular in Europe. It's a competition, and Moscow is now among the leaders.

Mikhail Blinkin: "Moscow looks very attractive for very simple reasons. Moscow is changing rapidly, and these changes are positive."

The appearance of the capital is also changing rapidly. New parks, squares, and pedestrian areas make the city comfortable and attractive for tourists.

- Look at these houses, The Beijing hotel is the most beautiful!

- Very comfortable. - Beautiful.

- There are many places to visit.

- There are many opportunities.

- I traveled all around Eastern Europe, our city is as beautiful as any European one.

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The capital is becoming more attractive for investors. Moscow became one of the top five business-friendly cities.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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