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Hillary’s ‘Racism’ Speech, And the Stunning Emergence of The New Left and Right

A titanic struggle between nationalism and globalism is playing out in the American elections

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

It has been a big couple of days for politics in America.

In a stunning speech, Hillary ushered in a new era.

<figcaption>The most epic election cycle in living memory</figcaption>
The most epic election cycle in living memory

For many perhaps, Hillary's speech was a grand revelation. The curtain was lifted on a vast right-wing conspiracy that has "taken over the GOP."

If you haven't watched the speech, we highly recommend taking the time.  It is extraordinary, regardless of your political sympathies.  Here it is in full:

The Alt-Right already has its take on the consequences of the speech.

Hillary and her allies are making a play for a one party state.

Her wing of the managerial elite hope to absorb what elements it can from the GOP and cast the rest to what it calls, “the outer fringes.” The GOP ultimately acts as an implicitly White party, unlike the Democrats which operate under Steve Sailer’s “coalition of the fringes” strategy. What was once fringe, though, is now mainstream. From black power movements to transgenderism, the face of yesterday’s underground is today’s faces of fame and adulation.

And apparently a heart-felt thank you.

Opinions aside, the analysis is spot on. The Mexican proverbs and constant labeling of Donald Trump as racist made it clear whom Hillary was appealing to with her speech. 

Furthermore, while the rise of the New Left has been noticed and written about extensively on alternative media sites like Russia Insider, we still did not see the full picture.

With the rise of the nativist and revisionist Alt-Right however, the other side of scale has been topped off, and a strange new balance prevails on the American political and cultural scene. The fringes of the New Left and the New Right have now fully been incorporated into the framework of the 2016 elections.

It is truly a monumental development.

Most interesting however was Hillary's praise of John McCain and other past Republican party heavyweights. It was a bold move on Hillary's part, but it revealed the defacto reality of a merger between the Democratic and GOP establishment to deny Donald Trump the election. 

Now it seems that all the cards have been put on the table.

The cliche always goes that America is a deeply divided society, but only now can we see the true extent of the divide in American politics.

Hillary stands for a merger of the old parties and a coalition of new Americans. The references to huddled refugees longing to become American citizens and registered Democratic voters should leave no doubt about what America's immigration policy will be like under a Clinton administration.

And the constant calls for a Wall and screening of Muslims coming from the Trump camp should also leave no doubt in our minds about the Nativist sentiment that Donald Trump is tapping into.

We know the score now.

Of course, astute observers will note that Hillary brought up Vladimir Putin as well and called him the godfather of all the nationalist movements sweeping the West now. The Russian president was unavailable for comment about his role in the founding of the Alt-Right at the time of the writing of this article...

Still, Russia seems to be figuring prominently in these elections, with the Democrats accusing Donald Trump of receiving aid or even colluding with Vladimir Putin. Given the souring of relations between Russia and the United States, the rhetoric surrounding Russia is very important going forward. It will indicate whether Russia will be treated as a friend or an enemy, and how the United States will address the conflicts in Syria, and Ukraine.

Surprisingly it is the New Left that seeks confrontation with Russia, and the New Right that wants to give Russia a fair hearing...

Finally, the parameters of the debate have been re-framed now. This election is not about Republican or Democrat anymore, but about nationalism vs globalism. The establishment vs the native insurgency.

Time will tell which will come out on top.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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