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Ukraine Presidential Advisor: 'No Money Left for Army Offensives. Must Dig In'

Poroshenko's advisor Yuriy Biryukov says Ukrainians must face the fact the military does not have the resources to conduct meaningful offensive operations

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This article originally appeared at Fort Russ

An excerpt from an interview on Ukraine's Hromadske TV:


Biryukov: “At the moment we don’t have a Ukrainian version of the Mannerheim Line”

Q: “Do we need one?”

Biryukov: “People are saying we’re going to win, forward, we’ll reach the border and fully liberate [sic] the Donbass from the militants [sic]—right now it’s impossible, we don’t have the resources. We have to get used to the fact that we don’t have the resources for large-scale offensive operations, but we need defensive lines in any event so we should dig them.”

J.Hawk Comments: The Mannerheim Line was a Finnish fortified defensive line on the Karelian Isthmus—which, in any event, was successfully breached by the Red Army during the Winter War, forcing Finland to sue for peace.

So it’s a rather inept comparison, but an example of how incoherent Ukrainian national identity becomes as soon as it tries to deny its shared history with Russia. I mean, seriously, you have to seek out examples from Finnish military history? Which, incidentally, are not even remotely applicable to Ukraine, which is too large and too sparsely populated for any defensive line to be practicable in the long term.

Aside from that, Biryukov was one of the most ardent propagandists of, and advocates for, the “counter-terrorist operation” on the Donbass, so it’s rather gratifying that he has now switched gears. The UAF must really be at the end of its tether if even Biryukov recognizes the obvious.

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MORE: Military

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