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Graham Phillips Spends the Night With Resistance Fighters in Soviet Bunker

Interesting insight into daily life of the Novorussian Resistance fighters
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Despite the supposed 'ceasefire' in the region, the separatists find some valuable time for recuperation from shelling by the Ukrainian military.

Graham gets up close and personal with the soldiers, chats with them about the current situation on Ukraine.


<figcaption>He's got the scoop, the angle, and first hand reporting</figcaption>
He's got the scoop, the angle, and first hand reporting

You can check out Graham's YouTube page for a full listing of his exclusive content, in the mean time, were sifting through all of his great work (and there is a lot!) to find the best videos to give you the greatest insight possible, as soon as they are available.



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MORE: Military

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