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French President: I'm a US Poodle - Commits Political Suicide

  • What a pathetic wimp of a man...
  • De Gaulle must be spinning in his grave
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This article originally appeared at Red Pill Times

France has lost it’s sovereignty, as Hollande has made a decision that will be the nail in his own political coffin.

<figcaption>The two biggest wimps on the world stage today...</figcaption>
The two biggest wimps on the world stage today...

Unfortunately Hollande’s coffin will also be the demise of many working class French citizens, who will lose their livelihood from the imminent dismantling of France’s military industry.

Instead of building their own weapons, France can now buy US made weapons. The US military industrial complex has also removed a competitor in the weapons space.

I guess Ukraine is much more important to French President Hollande than French jobs and industry.

“The President of the Republic believes that the current situation in the east of Ukraine still does not allow the transfer of the first Russian Mistral-type ships to Russia,” a statement from the Elysée Palace said.

In this regard, Francois Hollande felt it necessary to postpone the new order to study the request for permission to supply Russia with the first Mistral vessel, the communique informed.

CNBC reports:

France suspended the planned delivery of a warship to Russia on Tuesday, after months of growing speculation about what would be the biggest arms sale ever by a NATO country to the Kremlin.

The French president’s office announced the suspension “until further notice” after growing pressure from allies to suspend the sale because of tensions between Russia and Ukraine. The first of the two ships, the Vladivostok, is docked at the French port city of Saint Nazaire, where about 400 Russian sailors have spent months training aboard the vessel.

The second ship, named the Sevastopol, after a port in the Russia-annexed Crimean Peninsula, was slated for delivery next year and recently arrived at the Saint Nazaire docks for finishing touches.

Tuesday’s statement, like a previous suspension of the delivery, stopped short of cancelling the deal, suggesting the French government is reluctant give up on a contract worth more than 1 billion euros and thousands of jobs at a time of an economic slump in France.

The Vladivostok can carry 700 troops, 16 helicopter gunships, and up to 50 armored vehicles.

Analysts have said the warships would give Russia an enhanced ability to move large numbers of troops and equipment, but were not game-changers for Moscow’s military.

Russia’s deputy defense minister told RIA Novosti news agency Tuesday that Moscow was not planning to take any immediate action against France for delaying the deal.

“We are satisfied, it is the French who are not satisfied, and we are going to patiently wait,” said Yury Brosiov. “Everything is spelled out in the contract, and we are going to act in accord to the contract like all civilized people.”

Their is no way to sugar coat this… Hollande has fully exposed himself as a very weak puppy dog to American policy.

The repercussions to France for this poorly taken decision will be far reaching and devastating.

Working class people will lose jobs and an entire military and shipbuilding industry will be ruined for decades to come.

No country will do business with a France that does not honor its contractual obligations.

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