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NATO Wants Training Camp in Georgia, Says Tbilisi Is Ready for Membership

...Because the last time NATO promised Georgia membership, everything went really, really well...

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Georgia has everything it needs to prepare for entering NATO, NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow said in an interview with Georgia's Channel One in Brussels.

<figcaption>NATO officials grooming their next puppet state</figcaption>
NATO officials grooming their next puppet state

According to the Georgian Foreign Ministry, Vershbow will pay a visit to Tbilisi on January 29-30.

Vershbow said his upcoming visit to Georgia will be a good opportunity to evaluate the progress of Georgia as a NATO partner, a country that is seeking NATO membership.

He said the mechanisms that will prepare Georgia for accession to NATO were expanded at the Wales summit.

NATO and Georgia are working on opening a joint training center, Vershbow said. He said he is hoping that this center will open in Georgia by the end of 2015 and NATO members and partners will conduct trainings there.


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MORE: Military

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