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Why Does Celebrated War Criminal Jim Mattis Think He Can Claim Moral High Ground Over Russia?

Here is a guy who has killed, imprisoned and brutalized people simply for resisting a US occupation

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Visiting NATO bases in Lithuania Mad Pooch Mattis spoke some usual blarney about the Russian threat but the really interesting part had to do with morality:

"The reason for the deployment you see right now is the lack of respect for international law by a nation in the region, and so long as the nation shows respect, we would not have to deploy that." 

How many people alive in the world today can claim they have invaded and occupied a foreign country? How many people have smashed into a foreign country, killed its soldiers, and exercised power over its people in their own land? How many people have broken into family homes at night and arrested and killed people simply for resisting a foreign occupation?

Well Mattis has. He invaded and occupied Iraq for George Bush. And now serves as the secretary of war for the government which has attacked countless other nations often without even a fig's leaf in way of a lawful justification.

He is someone who should be burying his head in shame. So why does he feel he gets to take the moral high ground over Russia? 

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