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US Warns Syrian Army Against Encroaching on Syrian Territory

Assad flushes Geneva Conventions down the toilet—again

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Nikki Haley is expected to convene an emergency UN Security Council meeting after satellite images revealed that the Syrian Arab Army has been encroaching on its own territory. 

According to reports, on Sunday the US military dropped leaflets warning the Syrian Army and its allies to maintain a distance of at least 55 kilometers from an illegal US Special Forces base in Syria (Al-Tanf). 

<figcaption>A US chemical attack?</figcaption>
A US chemical attack?

Why did Syria put its country inside a US military base? This is a level of aggression that Russia can only dream of. Frankly speaking, Putin now looks like a total amateur. 


Russia Insider's Beirut correspondent Wael Al Hussaini has found evidence that the US might have dropped poisonous GMO Sarin tomato gas on Syrian forces, which of course is perfectly legal because of the Syrian Army's reckless aggression:

We don't really have anything else to add to this sad story of the US whining about how its uninvited military presence in Syria is being "threatened". Oh, except for this:

Enjoy your Monday. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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