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US Air Force Intercepts Russian Bombers off the Russian Coast: Russkie Aggression Countered

It's time media learned to read a map

Oh, my god! A pair of Russian bombers escorted by a pair of Su-35 fighters flew just 50 miles south-west of Chariot, Alaska!

That is how NORAD put it to Fox News and a string of others:



Russians flying so close to some sleepy, white fence, Alaska fishing village? Naturally the defenders of America in the US Air Force had to scramble to intercept them. Good job, lads!

Except, wait a minute. This is a photo of Chariot, Alaska:

It isn't even a real place.

"Chariot, Alaska" is just some metal containers left over on a beach from a wacky 1950s idea ("Project Chariot") to create an artificial harbor by detonating a series of underground nukes.

Ok then, environmental hazard from the 1950s successfully defended!

Well....not really. Chariot beach is one of the northernmost locations in the US. It actually sits to the north of where the Bering strait is at its narrowest. At their closest Russia and the US are just 55 miles apart there. Thus if Russian aircraft were intercepted "50 miles south-west of Chariot" they were intercepted pretty darn near mainland Russia, maybe even while still on the Russian side of the Bering Strait.

Indeed here is a picture of USAF's Alaska Air Defence Identification Zone:

As you can see it starts just off the Russian coast.

And that's how Russian jets intimidating some sleepy Alaskan village turns out to be more like...USA harassing Russian planes off the Russian coast, 50 miles from some precious trash.

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