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SYRIANGIRL: Clues Suggest US or Israeli Attack on Syria Could Happen Soon

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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Check your bias at the door gentle reader.

<figcaption>Uncanny predictions since 2012</figcaption>
Uncanny predictions since 2012

We know SYRIANGIRL personally and can confirm that she is one of the sharpest and best-informed analysts reporting on the Syrian tragedy.

Her name is Maram Susli and she lives in Australia, where she grew up. Five years ago she was a getting her PhD in chemistry and was so outraged by the dishonesty of the media about the war that she started posting videos on Youtube about it.

Since then she has built an influential following with 72K subscribers to her channel, 6 million views, 70K Twitter followers, and 40K Facebook followers. When she posts, important people listen.

We’ve met her several times when she was speaking at international conferences and she is the real deal - a smart, articulate activist / wonk who does this in her free time when not in the lab.

She is not paid by any government or group, and relies on fan donations. Youtube even blocked her from monetizing her videos, so she really relies on you.

Please support her on Patreon, and follow her on Twitter and Facebook. Her work is invaluable and spot-on.

Here's SYRIANGIRL with another excellent analysis of what is happening in her suffering homeland. Every prediction she has made since 2012 has come true.

Let's see if she gets it right this time:

Her main points:

  1. Bannon's departure means no one in the WH opposes US / Israeli escalation.

  2. A recent video and photo showing Syrian insurgents teaching school children how to act like chemical weapons victims.

  3. A fake news story in Reuters claiming the UN intercepted a North Korean shipment of chemicals to Syria. (Reuters is a well-known channel for this sort of deception - in the summer of 2014 their false stories about the Ukraine war were rampant - Ed.)

  4. An article in the Daily Beast, (another notorious alphabet agency / neocon lie factory - Ed.) tying in Iran with Syria and North Korea.

  5. A tweet from Nikki Haley, saying that the US will shoot first and ask questions later if any chemical weapons are used in the area, and a WH statement reminding people that Syria used chemical weapons in 2014. (Which has since been proved untrue) - suggesting an upcoming false flag.

  6. Netanyahu's trip to Moscow where he told Putin he would prefer for ISIS to win over Syria and Iran and would attack Syria to prevent that from happening.

  7. Syria's impending victory in Deir Ezzor puts the US in a position where they would have to attack in order to salvage their rapidly collapsing MIddle East policy.

  8. Then she goes on to enumerate the correct predictions she has made since 2012.

Yeah, she's good.

A screenshot from a 2012 video, when she had not yet gone public

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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