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Swedish Neo-Nazi Sniper Dreams of Killing Russians

Italy's #1 newspaper interviews infamous Swedish sniper Mike Skillt
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Recently Corriere della Sera (the most widely read daily in Italy) published an interview with the infamous Swedish sniper "Mike," who is fighting for the neo-Nazi Azov battalion in East Ukraine. 
As Mike's comments clearly illustrate, Azov fighters are fueled by a sense of racial superiority and a visceral hatred for Russia and all Russians:
  • "It is not my war, but this is my Europe and I am for a united Europe against Imperialism."
  • "I have some more Russians to kill." 
  • "[We are] preparing Ukraine for the liberation of the entire white race from the domination of capitalism and [we will] punish the many sexual perversions and all interracial contacts which lead to the extinction of the white race." 
"Mike the sniper's" words confirm that there are foreign fighters in the ranks of the Ukrainian forces and that they are paid regularly (although not very much): 
  • "Here I am fighting for something I believe in, and I am paid 2,000 Grivnie per month (about € 110), the salary of an ordinary Ukrainian soldier."
  • "With me there are some Italians who are still part of the army in Italy. I work with one man in particular, he is forty years old and comes from northern Italy. A brave man, unbelievable."
Neo-Nazi punitive battalion Azov, part of the National Guard.
Mike's words reflect the prevailing view among Azov fighters -- extend the fighting to the winter, cause death and destruction in high numbers:
  • "If the war will go on even during the winter, we [ Swedish mercenaries] are well prepared for such a situation. And the war with the cold will bring a lot of blood on both sides." 
The Swedish mercenary also serves a prime example of the effectiveness of propaganda. The atrocities committed by neo-Nazis in East Ukraine are routinely passed off as "Russian" crimes against Kiev forces: 
  • "I saw what the pro-Russian do to prisoners. On the battlefield, everything is permitted, you can kill in any way you like. But you have to give dignity to the prisoners. "
Once again, the evidence provided to show that Russia has "invaded" Ukraine is nothing more than hearsay. Where's the evidence, Mike?  
  • "The soldiers speak Russian and have Russian documents. They also use only weapons that the Russians have. It is no longer a secret, our enemy is well defined, Putin should no longer deny the obvious."

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