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Soviet Aviation of The Great Patriotic War

The Russian Central Air Force Museum has a great collection of vintage aircrafts from World War II

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The parade on May 9 in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War Victory was the most ambitious in the history of Russia. 16,000 soldiers and endless columns of tanks and military equipment participated in the parade. But the most spectacular performance came from the nearly 20 aircraft which flew over Red Square.

For these who are interested in the history of military aircraft and want to see exhibits related to the Great Patriotic War, the Central Museum of the Armed Forces is waiting for you! It is one of the largest military museums in the world. The museum shows the history of the Armed Forces of the Fatherland from the moment of their inception to the present time. The museum has everything from Civil War era artillery pieces to modern ballistic missiles. The collection includes more than 800 thousand exhibits, including relics associated with the life and activities of the heroes of Russian history, both ordinary and well-known military leaders and statesmen.

Fighter planes of the Great Patriotic War are shown in one of the museum's pavilions. One of the most popular exhibits features the fighter plane which Ivan Kozhedub, Hero of the Soviet Union, flew. Flying the La-7, Kozhedub personally destroyed 17 enemy aircrafts.

<figcaption>The aircraft of Victory</figcaption>
The aircraft of Victory

The aircraft R-5 took part in combat operations in the Great Patriotic War. It was used for reconnaissance as well as fighting. 


Despite its simplicity, Soviet pilots used the IL-10 with great success. 


The first time Yak-9 took part in combat operations was in autumn 1942, during Stalingrad.


The armoured ground attack airplane, Il-2, had no analogue in any other air force was a unique fighting vehicle in the Great Patriotic War.


The I-15bis was used in the initial stages of World War II.

Information about the museum, including its operating hours, can be found on its website. Come and find out about Russian aircraft history — just like the author of this article!




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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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