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Sources Confirm Our Scoop - a Huge Russian Victory Over ‘US Secret Services’ in Syria

A lot of people didn't believe us, or the Russian Defense Ministry. Turns out we were right.

Mainstream media still keeping mum about this very important development!

"In plain English this means that the US and Daesh have lost the war." - the Saker

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

On Wednesday evening, we broke the almost unbelievable story that the Russian Defense Ministry was claiming that:

A) ‘US Secret Services’ had directed a major offensive against Russian - Syrian forces,

<figcaption>A devastating blow to US proxies and their CIA handlers</figcaption>
A devastating blow to US proxies and their CIA handlers

B) a goal was the capture of 29 Russian peacekeepers,

C) the attack was foiled in dramatic, heavy fighting involving many Russian troops,

D) the US-backed and directed forces suffered a devastating defeat. Losses included:


All this seemed almost surreal when we saw it on the ticker, and we just reported that this is what the Russians were claiming.

If true, it meant a massive setback for the US and Israel and their radical Islamist proxies.

The story was picked up everywhere and went viral.

A lot of people were skeptical that this could possibly be true. Even we had our doubts.

Well, since then, a lot of evidence has come out suggesting that it is largely correct:

Almasdar News, which is generally reliable, covered it:

Here are some pics from them:

Above, a destroyed BMP and below destroyed T-90 tanks.

There is more grisly stuff on Almasdar showing a bunch of corpses ...

Check out this Russian site for more photos.

Here is battlefield footage from the Syrian site Muraselon:

Here is a report from the main Russian Evening TV News (captioned), broadcast across all of Russia, giving more details (full transcript at the end of this article):

No major news source has covered this save for RT.  Mainstream media FAIL!!

We also called SyrianGirl, and asked her what she thinks. She told us her sources on the ground were confirming that it is largely true and that the losses are devastating. She thinks the Russians are probably inflating the number of casualties, but not by much.

SyrianGirl is almost prophetic on Syrian issues, check her out on Twitter.

The Saker, one of the best informed military and Syria analysts out there also has an excellent article out this morning about the battle. Check it out for a more detailed analysis of what happened. He’s saying it is a very big deal and a major defeat for the US.

A brief quote:

In plain English this means that the US and Daesh have lost the war and that the last region of Syrian from which the AngloZionists can hope to partition the country (their current “plan B”) and establish a permanent US military presence is now threatened by the Syrian advance.

Here is the transcript of the Russian News Report:


Let's move on to the Defence Ministry's statements on the situation in Syria, and about USA's rather exotic contribution to the fight against terrorism in Syria. ( LOL!)

US intelligence organized a massive offensive of the terrorist group Jabhat Al-Nusra, forbidden in Russia, on the outskirts of Hama, a city located in one of the de-escalation zones, in disregard of the ceasefire agreement.

They wedged in the government force's defense, trying to surround them, and encircled a Russian military police unit, wounding 3 Russians.

The reason has been revealed. In fact, Pentagon is trying to prevent the Syrian army from moving to the east of Deir ez-Zor, which appears to run counter to American geopolitical plans. Ekaterina Mironova has the details:


The ceasefire agreement was signed in Astana 5 days ago. But Jabhat Al-Nusra militants don't feel like respecting it.

The terrorists launched a massive offensive against government troops in the Idlib province, which is one of the 4 de-escalation zones.

The Defence Ministry's briefing says that the offensive was prepared with considerable firepower. The terrorists used tanks and infantry fighting vehicles in combat.

As a result, they managed to wedge in the government forces' defense by up to 12 km.

Another task of Jabhat Al-Nusra was to capture a Russian military police unit. The platoon's function in Syria is peacekeeping.

The Ministry supposes that the militants were controlled from overseas. According to the data available, the offensive was orchestrated by the American intelligence services to stop the government troops' successful progress to the east of Deir ez-Zor.

As a result of the militants' attack the military police platoon was blocked.

They were repelling attacks for several hours, outnumbered by the enemy, shoulder-to-shoulder with the unit of Moali tribe, which signed the ceasefire agreement and adhered to it in such a difficult situation.

The Russian military immediately formed a group to deblock and to rescue the policemen.

The group was backed by Su-25 attack aircraft. They attacked from extremely low height. As a result, the encirclement was broken.

Three Russian fighters were wounded. This operation stopped the terrorists, dealing a serious blow to them. All the participants have been granted state decorations.

Within 24 hours, air strikes and artillery hit 187 objects, destroyed about 850 terrorists, 11 tanks, 4 infantry fighting vehicles, 46 pickups, 5 mortars, 20 trucks, 38 weapon warehouses.

Capitalizing on the situation, the Syrian government troops launched a counteroffensive, reversing the momentum.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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