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Six Turkish Jets Enter Greek Airspace

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December 2 (Sputnik) - Six Turkish F-16 fighter jets violated Greek air space over the Aegean Sea on Tuesday, Greece's National Defense General Staff (GEETHA) stated.

"According to GEETHA, a formation of six aircraft entered the Athens Information Region between Lesvos and Chios at 3.01 p.m. before splitting into two groups," reported Greece's Ekathimerini newspaper.

"Four jets flew over the island of Fourni between Samos and Chios at 3.25 p.m. while the other two flew over Makronisi and Anthropofagoi islets before flying over Agathonisi," said GEETHA.

Greek aircraft were scrambled to intercept the Turkish jets, and force them to leave Greek airspace, said the defense ministry.

The incident is one of many airspace violations committed by Turkey of Greek airspace; on October 9 the Greek authorities reported 39 violations of the country’s airspace by Turkish military aircraft.

On November 24, Turkey shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber carrying out airstrikes against jihadi terrorists in Syria, claiming the plane violated Turkish airspace. The claim is refuted by the Su-24's surviving copilot, and Russia's Ministry of Defense, which has released the plane's flight data, showing it never entered Turkey.

After the attack, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has strong words for his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu on Twitter.

"What is happening in the Aegean is outrageous and unbelievable," Tsipras told Davutoglu on November 29. Though the tweets were later deleted from his English language account, they remained on his Greek twitter account.

"Fortunately our pilots are not as mercurial as yours (were) against the Russians," wrote the Greek Prime Minister.

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