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Russian Defense Ministry Demands Evidence That It Is Bombing Civilian Targets

Ministry invited military attaches of leading NATO powers to provide evidence of civilian target claims

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Originally appeared at The Daily Sheeple

Here’s another item curiously not found in the American mainstream news lately amid the Syria coverage…

The American media continues to regurgitate the West’s accusations that Russia is not hitting ISIS targets with airstrikes in Syria as much as it is hitting so-called “moderates” and civilian targets.

Now the Russian Defense Ministry has invited all nations involved to step forward and give proof to back up such accusations.

(Note this has been translated from a Russian news outlet to English):

“We have invited the military attaches of the US today, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, NATO and asked to give a formal justification being made statements or to make a rebuttal. This is especially true in a number of outrageous allegations in the English-speaking media…,” [said] Antonov Interfax.

He noted the efforts of the recent media attacks on the part of the Western media on the actions of Russian air and space forces in Syria.

“We are accused of not only strikes at a ‘moderate’ opposition, but also against civilian targets such as hospitals, as well as mosques and schools. As a result, as reported in the Western media, allegedly killed civilians, ” he said, adding that similar statements appear [via] officials of foreign states. As an example, he called US Secretary of State John Kerry, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Minister of Defense of Great Britain, Michael Fallon and others.

Antonov added that the Defense Ministry demanded that the representatives of foreign countries to provide proof of such statements or to denounce them. “If the evidence is not submitted, nor does it go official denials, we will assume that these are part of the… anti-Russian information war against Russia,” he said.

The outrageous claim referred to here in the first paragraph is that Russian airstrikes hit a hospital in Syria, which just so happened to come out in the news after the U.S. “accidentally” hit a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan (via RT):

Last week, Russia was accused of bombing a number of hospitals in Syria, an allegation flatly denied by the Russian Defense Ministry.

Dominik Stillhart, director of operations at the International Committee of the Red Cross, which has people on the ground in Syria, told RT he is unaware of any such incidents.

This information campaign could include admittedly uncomfirmed stories like the one below claiming Russia accidentally bombed Iran instead of Syria, a story reported as if 100% true (but never verified or followed up on by) “news” outlet CNN:

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