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Russia Is Weaponizing Dolphins - Europe Quakes In Terror

Russia is planning to send several dolphins to Crimea in order to better menace Ukraine and the West

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Secluded in his lair, Vladimir Putin has hatched vile plans to breed a dolphin attack force, as confirmed by RT:
The Russian Ministry of Defense wants to buy five bottlenose dolphins, according to an acquisition tender. It would not disclose why it needs the aquatic mammals, who can be trained as combatants.

The military want three males and two females to be shipped to Sevastopol before August 2016, the terms of the tender say. The animals must be three to five years old and measure 2.3 to 2.7 meters long.

The decision to base the attack dolphins in Sevastopol, where millions of politically confused peons are languishing under the neo-Soviet rule they voted for, poses an ominous threat to Ukraine. From there, they could carry a Russian invasion force to Odessa, Nikolaev, or any other part of the Ukrainian Black Sea cost.

Meanwhile the regime in Kiev has been taken for a ride by its western sponsors once again, having forked over $10,000 a piece for expensive technologically advanced Japanese kamikaze dolphins which were going to be used by Ukraine's elite Cossack regiments (until they realized Ukraine doesn't actually have Cossacks anymore - unlike Russia). The Russian attack dolphins will be acquired locally and at less than half the price Kiev paid to the Japanese:

Bids are being collected until the end of the month, and the ministry is offering to pay about $4,900 per dolphin.

The price may exclude some foreign sellers from the deal – in 2013 Japanese dolphin brokers sold 20 untrained dolphins to Ukraine at a price of just over $10,000. The ministry may be counting on the seller to catch the dolphins locally in the Black Sea, although this would require special permission as bottlenose dolphins living there are protected by conservation agreements.

Washington will soon announce plans to station its own dolphin fleets at the port of Riga in the Baltic states, and along the coast of NATO member Turkey, in order to counter the Russian dolphin threat. The dolphins, which will be captured by Raytheon, bred by Boeing and trained by Northrup-Grumman, will cost the US taxpayer approximately $600,000 each.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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