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Russia to Use Robots to Guard Against a US 'First Strike'

Perhaps robots will save humanity from itself rather than be its downfall

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

After developing remotely controlled combat vehicles and drones that can be mind-controlled, Russia is once again implementing important automated systems.

In a recent military exercise involving the Irkutsk missile unit, one of Russia’s strategic nuclear forces, mobile robots were tested on the field.

<figcaption>Robots would cover the launch of retaliatory strike missiles ensuring the first strike never happens</figcaption>
Robots would cover the launch of retaliatory strike missiles ensuring the first strike never happens

The main function of this mobile robot will be to guard and protect the missile facilities, such as ground-launched Topol missiles.

The main objective and what makes it a major breakthrough is the engagement in tracking and monitoring drones.

In the era of missile-defense systems, Russia is always looking at complex automated systems able to ensure that its nuclear deterrent is not jeopardized by its adversaries.

One of the developments western countries are focusing on, particularly the US, is trying to find a way to prevent any nuclear response following a hypothetical “first strike” scenario.

Looking at Russia’s impressive technological advances in intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), the only way to stop a missile, once launched, from hitting its target would be to intercept it in its vulnerable initial phase, before it reaches strategic altitude and gains unstoppable speed.

In this respect, drones can be part of this processes, and thereby constitute a significant threat.

An automated robotic system that can operate in any time of the day, including at night, without being disclosed can prevent saboteurs and can conduct field reconnaissance to identify and wipe out stationary or mobile targets.

This automated security system will provide patrolling, a wide range of information, and protection of sensitive facilities. Robots to rescue, once again!

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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