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Russia to Replace Over 800 Weapon Types From Ukraine, NATO, the EU

Ukraine crisis has highlighted the need for Russia to remain independent from western and Ukrainian defense industries

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MOSCOW, July 16 (TASS) - Russia’s Defense Ministry is continuing work to substitute components imported from Ukraine, NATO and EU countries and intends to replace 826 armament types, Deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov said on Thursday.

The deputy defense minister made this statement during a video conference with President Vladimir Putin on the Single Day of Armaments Acceptance in Russia.

"From 2014 to 2025, 826 types of armaments and military hardware are planned for import substitution. Over the first six months of 2015, we substituted Ukrainian components and spare parts in 57 out of 102 planned armament categories. This is over 55% of the annual plan," the deputy defense minister said.

"As for components from the NATO and EU countries, we made full-cycle import substitution for seven out of 127 planned armament types," he added.

The rate of substituting armament types from the NATO and EU countries is low so far because this work has started only since 2015 and requires time for weaponry development, adaptation and testing, the deputy defense minister said.

‘This is why, this low figure is understandable to us at the current moment. During the next Single Day of Armament Acceptance, we’ll already see an objective picture. All import substitution schedules have been placed under control and a reserve stock has been created for most problematic areas," the deputy defense minister said.

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MORE: Military

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