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Russia Ready to Sell Iskander Missiles to Saudi Arabia

This is a new development since Russia officials have previously stated the Iskanders would not be exported 

  • Another reason to believe Saudi-Russian thaw is real
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St PETERSBURG, July 3 (TASS) - Russia is ready to supply Iskander tactical missile systems to Saudi Arabia, Igor Sevastyanov, a deputy director general of Russia’s state weaponry trading corporation Rosoboronexport said on Friday.

"If we, let’s say, begin the talks today they will certainly take some time," he said. "I think if Saudi Arabia wants buying this equipment, Russia will supply it."

For the process to begin, however, a number of procedures should be fulfilled as the first step. Also, the customer should have earnest willingness, Sevastyanov added.

In addition to it, a presentation of coastal guard ships and patrol vessels has been done for the Saudi Arabian delegation at the International Naval Show underway in St Petersburg.

Sevastyanov’s announcement regarding Iskanders comes across as a new development, since officials of the St Petersburg-based Machine-Building Design Bureau have said previously the Iskanders will not be exported. Nonetheless, the missile systems have been entered in the least of defence products that can be exported.

In June, a Saudi delegation visited the Army’2015 defence forum in the Moscow region to hold talks on purchasing the systems.

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