Russia Inflicts More Damage on ISIS in 1 Day than the US Did in 1 Year

Russian airstrikes destroy five ISIS strongholds in a single day

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This article originally appeared at the Russian TV Channel, RenTV, and was translated by Kristina Rus at Fort Russ

Today, the ambassador of Syria in Moscow thanked Russia for the decision to launch operations against ISIL. The US coalition, according to the diplomat, achieved no significant results in the fight against terrorists.

The Syrian ambassador also said that Russia is attacking only the radical group "Islamic state". Today the Russian Foreign Ministry pointed out that many countries and media outlets are providing false information about Syria. For example, yesterday it was reported that as a result of the strikes civilians were killed, but it turned out that the information about their death appeared before the Russian planes even took off.

Note that the Russian aviation in one day destroyed five strongholds of the"Islamic state". In the end, Russian aircraft in a  day managed to do more against ISIL than American aviation coalition was able to do in a year.

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