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Russia Displays Weapons of the Future at the International Exhibition Near Moscow

“Strelets” intelligence tracking system that allows for the tracking of a soldier’s vital signs in real-time, mobile generators for work in the Arctic, cutting-edge APCs, rifles, drones – all this is on display in Kubinka, Moscow Oblast.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Originally published at 1TV.RU

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu personally kicked off the International Innovation Day that is being held at the military base in the town of Kubinka. Covering 25 thousand square meters, more than 800 Russian military industrial sector related companies have their products on display.


Completely automatic operational systems are shown. For instance, a 12.7 mm tank machine gun that’s being controlled from an improvised command center. An example of this SP gun in action – is being driven around the testing area by a soldier. No one’s behind the wheel, it’s completely remotely controlled. 


In the sky we see an innovative quadrocopter, not only does it have a camera, but a submachine gun as well. In order for every shot to hit the bullseye, near the testing area, we can see the newest red dot scopes.


“It means that you can use it in sunlight during the day as well as during the night with the help of night-vision”, says Vitaliy Firsov, a participant of the Innovation Day.


Maj. Mikhail Moklyukov, along with his army buddies, is looking at new products from the Kalashnikov line. He confirms that there are a lot of differences, but the quality is still top-notch.


The Defense Ministry is eyeing up new weaponry, and right about now they are field-testing them. The military institute also has an interest in a nano-watch with digital compass, continual connection to dozens of satellites, but most importantly – accuracy correct to a centimeter. 


“Here we have a two-way radio, GLONASS movement detector that lets you detect the physical location of a person”, - says Sergey Levchuk, a participant of the Innovation Day.


Part of the exhibition is allocated to its smallest participants: so called manipulator robots. They are in high demand from both military and emergency response groups. Innovations didn’t neglect military ammunition as well: here we have a prototype of Russian scientists’ lightweight bulletproof vest with advanced protection. “If a soldier is wounded and he needs to take his bulletproof vest off quickly, there’s a system of self-removal – the vest just removes itself”, - says Igor Galkin, a participant of the exhibition.


A new tablet that is specifically made for military recon (mostly for Russian-made hardware) was also unveiled. “They are made to function in tough conditions; they can withstand a temperature of -30 C, dust, dirt and physical impact”, - says Ostap Nazarenko, a participant of the Innovation Day.


Probably the hottest item at the exhibition is an ATV with ultra-low pressure tires. If the tire pressure is reduced, then the wheels can take the shape of absolutely any type of obstacle. Its speed limit is 70 km per hour, but the developers assure that it can reach higher speeds.  


Aside from interactive presentations of various machines, the military base in Kubinka will also hold roundtable discussions with the participation of chief designers and scientists from all parts of Russia. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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