Rebel Pocket in Northern Syria Unraveling Despite Turkey Pounding the Kurds

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As other commentators have noted northern Syria is now the witness to the 'lively' situation where US ally, Turkey is shelling US allies, the Syrian Kurds who are pushing back the US-backed, jihad-loving 'moderate rebels'. Suppose one way to win a proxy war is to ally and back all the sides on the ground.

However, Russia is managing the same feat by supporting significantly fewer factions:

Note, things are changing so fast that the above video map from yesterday is actually already outdated:

Essentially what has happened is that the Syrian-Russian offensive that cut the Azaz corridor from Turkey to Aleppo transformed its northern part into an isolated rebel enclave - which the Syrian army, and particularly the Kurdish YPG seem set on mopping up.

Indeed since the Azaz pocket was formed early this month it has already been reduced in size by roughly one half. The major success came yesterday when YPG, backed by the Russian air forces in Syria took the town of Tal Rifat leaving Azaz the only remaining significant town of the rebel pocket.

The battle for Azaz which is already ongoing will be decided by whether Turkish shelling of the YPG can compensate for the apparent fall in morale of rebel fighters in this sector.

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