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Putin Says Russia's Syria Campaign Cost Just $460 Million

Western experts calculated the costs at $4-$8 million per day but Moscow's official numbers would have the costs at under $3 million a day

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Russia's military operation in Syria cost 33 billion rubles (roughly $464 million) from the Defense Ministry’s budget for military drills and training, Vladimir Putin said Thursday.

"The military operation in Syria, of course, required certain spending but the main part was from Defense Ministry’s resources - around 33 billion rubles. [This sum] was included in the ministry’s 2015 budget for holding drills and military training. We just redirected these resources for supporting the group in Syria," Putin said.

"No one has invented a more effective way to perfect one’s military skills than in real combat actions. In this sense, military resources should better be used and spent in action than at the training range," the president added.

According to the president, additional costs are required after the operation in Syria but they are justified in order not to pay a higher price in future.

Russia’s weaponry tested in Syria combat operation to help improve Armed Forces

Putin also pointed out that Russia's weaponry has been successfully tested in combat in Syria and this experience will help improve the Russian Armed Forces.

"The modern Russian weaponry has proved its worth in real combat conditions rather than at training ranges. This is the most rigorous test," Putin said, thanking all the workforce of the Russian defense industry.

"This experience will help us make necessary adjustments, raise the efficiency and reliability of military hardware, develop new-generation weapons, improve the Russian Armed Forces and build up their combat capabilities," Putin said.

"Life itself has showed that this is a guarantee of our country’s security," Putin said.


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MORE: Military

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