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Personal Accounts of the Fight for Donetsk Airport (Graham Phillips)

Graham Phillips interviews fighters participating in the ongoing battle for Donetsk Airport 

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Before the order to advance was given, Graham Phillips got a chance to talk to one of the resistance fighters in Vostok Battalion, Phillobe, a former translator from Kazakhstan, now a resistance fighter in the famous Vostok battalion.

The Ukrainian military has been using the airport as a strategic position to shell the city of Donestk and it's surrounding suburbs. 

<figcaption>UAV shot of the battle for Donestk Airport</figcaption>
UAV shot of the battle for Donestk Airport

Amid intense gunfire, Graham asks some hard hitting questions, looking for the untold truths in the conflict. During the interview, Phillobe adds a more personal touch, as he shares tales of his battle for Ukraine during the civil war, and the history that will be made with the liberation of Donestk Airport.


You can watch the full interview, and the rest of Graham Phillip's content on YouTube.

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