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No Summer Holiday for ISIS as Syrian Army Launches Largest Offensive Since Start of the War

A coordinated, multi-front attack against ISIS has already netted 13,000 square kilometers in central Syria

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

The Syrian Arab Army and its allies officially launched a military campaign ("Great Dawn") to retake the Syrian desert and secure the Syrian-Iraqi border. 

With the support of the Russian Air Force, the SAA has already secured an area of approximately 13,000 square kilometers in central Syria and isolated the remaining pockets in Eastern Damascus that might cause disturbances in the capital; these pockets are now under complete siege and cut off from arms and funds that were previous supplied via the Jordanian border. 

Al-Seen airbase in east Damascus has also been secured to safeguard against any possible threats posed by these terrorist groups. 

Simultaneously, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies launched an operation in the Eastern Countryside of Aleppo after successfully blocking any Turkish activity in the area.

Not to mention the Russian Army deployment in the Kurdish cities of Manbij and Afrin. 


At the same time, Syrian troops secured the hilltops overseeing the roads toward Palmyra and are eliminating any attempted push or flanking maneuver by ISIS; the control of this hill proved to be very effective in helping the Russian Air Force destroy an ISIS convoy which was heading towards Palmyra

Despite every foreign effort to hold them back, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies initiated their operations in the Syrian desert from multiple axes and simultaneously; and for the first time, the breaching units were not transported between axes, but are engaged in one integrated battle. 

All the participating units are at the same level of experience, training and readiness in what could be the largest operation the SAA has launched since the beginning of the war.


The Syrian and Russian Air Forces also conducted number of visual identifications of the so-called "US-Led Coalition" when they approached the areas where Syrian forces are currently operating; keep in mind that this offensive is going to make a lot of foreign countries "uncomfortable". 

Arguably, ISIS has never had it this bad. And if the offensive continues without any serious setbacks, it's possible that this will be the last Syrian summer for ISIS. 

Of course, making predictions is risky business—there are simply too many variables to make anything in this war certain. 

But we have a very high level of confidence in the Syrian Command and the Syrian units and their allies on the ground. 

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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