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Most Heartbreaking Ukraine Civilian Bombing Video We've Seen - Force Yourself to Watch It!

  • BRUTAL! - minutes after a bomb lands on his house, a grandfather discovers his dead granddaughter and wife in the rubble...
  • He breaks down in hysterics, then pulls himself together and swears revenge
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One of the hardest things about producing this site is watching these gut-wrenching videos coming out of East Ukraine.  

There are literally hundreds of them.

<figcaption>US and EU backed armies are brutalizing civilians...</figcaption>
US and EU backed armies are brutalizing civilians...

We think of ourselves as pretty hard-boiled, but sifting through them looking for news, or even worse, having to watch sections of them over and over again as one edits and captions is sometimes too much ...

Sometimes without warning, the tears well up as your soul rebels ...

Watch this video, even if it hurts.  After seeing this, no sane person could still believe Kiev is right in attacking East Ukraine.

Western politicians are guilty of this.  Obama and Merkel are guilty of this.

They are funding, encouraging, and justifying a cynical, homicidal military attack against civilians, whose only sin was to exercise their right to secede from a country they no longer wanted to belong to, a basic right recognized in all democracies.

The attack is being led to a large extent by psychopathic neo-nazi extremists.

And the western media is complicit in the crime, by saying its not happening.

It's as simple as that.

Sometimes evil leaps out and rips your face off, right in the middle of civilization.  

That's what is going on in East Ukraine.

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