Kadyrov Says Hang Terrorists from Drones and Drop Them on Other Terrorists

Chechen leader's idea is actually as practical as it is clever

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Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov was back on Instagram recently and posted a very interesting idea. The former guerilla fighter would like to suspend captured terrorists from drones and drop them on other terrorists. 

'I suggest hanging captured terrorists from drones attacking Iblis (ISIS) positions and then drop them on their accomplices' heads', said Kadyrov.

Because Kadyrov has no interest in putting people on trial, he said that complete reports on the dropped terrorists would be be published so that everyone would understand what they did to earn their fate.

Ramzan is thinking outside the box here, and his idea does have some merit. For example, being as these 'people' would not be given any kind of trial or public hearing, it is logical to assume that they would be mercilessly tortured in a dark basement somewhere before being frog-marched to the drone, meaning that any potentially important information they had would have been extracted. What then would be the point in keeping them alive? There wouldn't be one. They would either be a drain on the taxpayer or a threat to said taxpayer if they ever managed to break out and join their comrades again. 

Secondly, such a policy would inflict extreme psychological trauma on the enemy. No fighting force in the world would be able to process a constant barrage of former comrades literally raining down on them from the clouds. It has never been done before in all of human history. There are no benchmarks on how you would deal with something like that. The fear that this tactic would spread would be immense and all consuming.

Thirdly, you have the entertainment factor. I mean who wouldn't want to watch sub-human, head-chopping savages dropped on their fellow sub-human, head-chopping savages? Could anyone imagine how many hits that would get on a YouTube vid? It would be totally amazing. Even if each episode were pay-per-view, fortunes would be made. I know I'd pay to see it. In fact, I don't think I know anyone who wouldn't; and I know quite a lot of people.   

Fourthly and finally, it's just the right thing to do. We owe it both to ourselves as well as to the terrorists - those on both sides of the event. It's catharthis for the civilized and justice for the barbarians. Everybody wins here. It's gold. 

Kadyrov should be commended for this piece of creative thinking. He is really onto something here. Unfortunately, it will not happen. However, at the very least, he has made perfectly clear how he would like to deal with people like ISIS. With threats of attacking inside Russia now being hurled round the clock, Kadyrov's presence - and that of his army - in the restive region of the Caucasus is somewhat reassuring.        

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