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Look, If Russia Wanted to Invade Ukraine, This Is What It Would Actually Look Like

And it would all be over in 24 hours

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

Recently the Shevchenkovsky District Court of Kiev refused to find any armed aggression by Russia against the Ukraine. Ukrainian human rights activist Stanislav Batrin filed a lawsuit back in 2014, and according to him, the authorities are cowardly, talking about  Russian aggression everywhere but afraid of legitimizing it. 

There are reasons for that. 

That’s what Stanislav Batrin told:

On February 9th, the Presidency sent a fax to the court requesting it to postpone the session on legal views and their justifications.  Furthermore, the position of the President was clearly stated.  Poroshenko asked the court to dismiss the claim on the verification of armed aggression by the Russian Federation.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs played a strange part in the process: at first, the MIA posted some information on its site that disputed the presence of regular Russian troops in the Ukraine.  However after the court demanded evidence, the Ministry responded that they couldn’t provide it because  the person who has it is on a business trip.

Ukraine can’t decide whether there was an aggression or not. Probably, they are afraid that the world media and political entities that verbally support the Kiev government know there has been no aggression. Military observer Andrei Vadzhra clearly explained  what would happen if Russians actually decided to attack the Ukraine:  

Ten important things would be visible to the naked eye if there were a Russian aggression:

1. The first sign of the beginning of combat would be the sudden breakdown of all electronic equipment in the area where Ukraine’s armed forces are located – the army would suddenly be deaf, blind and almost completely paralyzed. The Grad, Smerch and Bastion rocket launchers would trail off into nowhere. 

Russian electronic warfare devices would ensure the success of the invasion. For example, a missile of the Elabuga system, exploding at an altitude of 200-300 meters, breaks down all types of electronic devices within a radius of 3.5 km from the epicenter. 

2. Combat aircrafts, helicopters, rockets and drones of the Ukraine Armed Forces would fall to the ground. Besides, guided munitions (from MANPADS to ATGM) exploding during the shooting, would identify enemy locations.   

The Electromagnetic Impulse Generator – a mobile Ranets-E system — would knock out the electronics of ground and air targets as well as guided weapons. The self-contained electronic warfare system on the Rtut-BM chassis would intercept the enemies’ guided arms as well as munitions equipped with radar proximity fuses. 

3. The remaining Ukrainian aircraft would fail to detect their targets because the Russian broadband exchange electronic jammer Krasukha-4 is effective against all modern radars on various types of aircraft. It also is capable of ‘blanketing’ the radio channels of unmanned drone guidance. 

4. Precise strikes by Russian Calibr cruise missiles at Ukrainian Missile Defense Systems and military airfields would highlight the beginning of the invasion.  The Ukrainian army would not be able to resist such a strike. 

5. The next obvious feature of the invasion would be the rapid liquidation of the remains of Ukrainian planes by Russian fighters. The Ukraine Air Force would not be able to confront Russia with its ancient, worn-out planes. 

6. Massive strikes by Russian cruise missiles, strike aircraft and storm troopers on Ukrainian command centers, military technology, munitions warehouses, signal stations, railways, highways, roads, bridges, electricity substations and others, would also occur. Under the absolute dominance of Russian aviation, Ukraine’s Armed Forces would be almost completely paralyzed by Russian electronic warfare devices, incapable of self-defense. 

7. The Ukraine military would cease to exist in less than 24 hours. Army groups would be completely disoriented and disorganized. Those commanders who remained alive during the first hours of the invasion wouldn’t have the slightest idea what was going on. 

8. With the massive artillery strike on combat positions, a massive exodus of Ukrainian soldiers would start.  Russian artillery intelligence and guidance stations would operate in cooperation with their satellites and drones, ensuring a high level of precision gun-fire. Besides, the Russian artillery has modernized shells with guidance and increased accurate target range. That’s why Russian air artillery squadrons would be located at a distance unattainable by Ukrainian barreled weapons.

9. Another feature of any Russian invasion would be roads packed with Ukrainian soldiers moving about in a random way. Dozens of combat helicopters would sweep over these crowds of people, strafing staff vehicles and the remaining armored vehicles. 

10. Russian Special Forces would systematically capture strategic positions (bridges, airfields, railway junctions, electricity power plants etc). The Special Forces of the Main Intelligence Directorate and the Stormtroopers of the Russian Airborne Forces would hit the ground deep in the Ukrainian rear. 

Andrei Vadzhra concluded: 

If Russia were to really attack the Ukraine, the Kiev population would see thousands of Russian paratroopers in the streets a few hours from the beginning of the combat action. Five or six hours later Russian tanks would enter Kiev from the Brovary and Vyshgorod sides. And no one would have any doubt that the invasion had started. It would be so obvious as to require no further evidence. 

Can we, Russians, really do all that? The Crimea and Syria have already demonstrated that of course we can do it. 

However, war against the Ukraine is the last thing we want.  Despite the fact that there are real idiots in office there who are provoking Big Brother’s temper and even trying to pluck at the Bear’s mustache. And despite the fact that there are many people in Russia and in the Ukraine who would like to see a military settlement of the problem. 

Neither stupidity, nor internet trolls can trigger the full-scale combat described by Andrei Vadzhra. It would be difficult for the Banderites to start a war with Russia. We don’t need that, though they are ruining their country without a war. It’s unlikely that we will bring them the pleasures of an occupation. 

Source: Live Journal
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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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