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Azov Freedom Fighters Rob Gas Station, Murder Two Police Officers

It's Russia's fault, of course

This article originally appeared at Vesti. It was translated by RI's Alina Belyanina

During a chase, "Azov" fighters robbed a gas station and shot two policemen in Kiev. This was reported to Vesti by a source in law enforcement. The police who were killed in the shootout proved to be former members of "Berkut". According to unconfirmed reports, they took part in the Maidan events. Video: In Kiev Desnyanskiy area gas station, Azov robbers killed policemen.

Earlier, Vesti wrote that Kiev law enforcement detained three attackers who were shooting at police officers on Monday night. Later it was reported that the detainees confessed to involvement in shelling a traffic police post in Bykovnya.
<figcaption>Azov to the rescue!</figcaption>
Azov to the rescue!

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