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BREAKING: Surprise! US Attacks Syrian Army in Syria yet Again

US 'forced to defend itself' after Syrians mistake southern Syria for their own country

CNN has broken the news that the US has struck Syrian forces in southern Syria, yet again! (Pentagon confirmed the story half an hour later.)


CNN with the expected pro-war line that the forces struck are "Iranian-backed forces" obscuring the fact these are legal Syrian forces being targeted by a foreign power in their own country.

We have just learned that all three fighters who were killed in the US strike on Tuesday were Syrians. They were Syrian Shia militia fighters which would have made them part of Syria's National Defence Forces.

The NDF, along with the regular army, forms Syria's armed forces. It unites all Syrian pro-government militias into a decentralized but official and lawful national guard force. Its fighters are salaried by the government just as a US guardsman or a state militia would be.

UPDATE -- US officials told CNN US struck a convoy of three technicals (pick-ups with heavy weapons mounted in the back) and destroyed two of them. Supposedly the strike took place some 40 kilometers from the US base at al-Tanf, Syria.

UPDATE 2 -- It is now also claimed the US shot down a drone that supposedly fired on US soldiers in southern Syria:



The drone was brought down near the second US base in the south, at al-Zaqaf, some 70 kilometers to the east of al-Tanf.

A good map of the area. The air strike would have likely taken place near the blue target mark

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