BREAKING: Russian General Staff Confirms Bombing Campaign in Syria to Continue

Russian Aerospace Forces to continue bombing Islamic State and Al-Qaeda and to continue providing air support for Syrian troops fighting to liberate Palmyra.

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The Russian General Staff has just confirmed that despite the announcement of the partial withdrawal Russia's bombing campaign in Syria is continuing.

The Russian Aerospace Forces will continue to bomb the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda's Syrian branch, Jabhat Al-Nusra.

They are currently conducting around 20 to 25 sorties a day in support of the Syrian troops fighting to liberate Palmyra.

This follows from Putin's comments made yesterday and today that Russia retains the option of returning to Syria the part of its strike force it has just withdrawn should the need to do so arise and that it can do so "within hours", and that a reason for the withdrawal is that the truce has caused a sharp fall in the number of sorties the Russian Aerospace Forces are conducting in Syria , which has made the presence of so many aircraft at Khmeimim air base unnecessary.

This is all exactly as we previously said.

We look forward to hearing from Western officials and reading in the Western media how the continued Russian bombing disproves Putin's claim of "mission accomplished" - though he has never made that claim or used those words - and that it contradicts Putin's announcement of an end to Russian bombing in Syria - though he never in fact announced it.

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