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Amazing Pictures of a Scrapped Russian Nuclear Submarine


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With the vessel fully out of water, the pictures offer an amazing perspective on how massive and complex even an outdated class of nuclear submarine really is.


Rusty Russian Submarine 7

At 117 yards, the Victor-class submarine is longer than a football field.



Rusty Russian Submarine 8

In its apparent state of decay, it's no wonder the sub had to be hauled to its seaside destination.


Rusty Russian Submarine 5

Its destination was the Zvezda, or Star, factory east of Vladivostok, the eastern-most of Russia's major cities.



Rusty Russian Submarine 4

The same photographer was on the scene to capture the sub's final dismantling.


Rusty Russian Submarine 1

This cross-section gives an idea of how cramped life beneath the waves really is.



Rusty Russian Submarine 3

Spent fuel and nuclear waste make decommissioning nuclear subs a high-stakes and time-consuming project. Not to mention expensive: it's going to cost an estimated $2.2 billion for Russia to fully decommission its obsolete nuclear vessels.



Rusty Russian Submarine 2



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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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