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The 2016 Irony Awards: US Claims to Have Killed ISIS' US-Trained 'Minister of War'

Well how about that. First you train them. Then you kill them! Or at least you do if you're Uncle Sam

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In latest Syria news US claims to have carried our a series of airstrikes against ISIS in eastern Syria. It also claims these strikes "likely" killed a top ISIS commander. The Chechen-Georgian Abu Omar al-Shishani (born Tarkhan Batirashvili):

An Islamic State commander described by the Pentagon as the group's "minister of war" was likely killed in a U.S. air strike in Syria, U.S. officials said on Tuesday, in what would be a major victory in the United States' efforts to strike the militant group's leadership.

Abu Omar al-Shishani, also known as Omar the Chechen, ranked among America's most wanted militants under a U.S. program that offered up to $5 million for information to help remove him from the battlefield.

Now this would not be particularly humorous but for the fact the man Pentagon describes as ISIS' "minister of war" was originally trained by Pentagon in the build up to the Georgian-Russian war of 2008:

According to Batirashvili’s ex-comrades in the Georgian military, Batirashvili was tapped immediately upon his enlistment to join Georgia’s U.S.-trained special forces.

“He was a perfect soldier from his first days, and everyone knew he was a star,” said one former comrade, who asked not to be identified because he remains on active duty and has been ordered not to give media interviews about his former colleague.

“We were well trained by American special forces units, and he was the star pupil.”

What's more, in between his stint in the Georgian army and his currrent engagement with ISIS Batirashvili al-Shishani ran with Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar, a foreign jihadi group in Syria that "comingled" with the US-backed Free Syrian Army and the Al Nusra front. Al-Shishani was specifically praised for contributing to FSA gains around Aleppo:

Thanks to Abu Omar’s willingness to speak to Al Jazeera, we also have video confirmation of his emerging star status within rebel ranks and relationship of direct cooperation with the US backed FSA commander.

Omar Shishani’s interview was archived online by Al Jazeera Arabic. While offering a simple statement about conquering all of the Syria from “the kuffar,” Abu Omar is surrounded by some of the same men, including emir Abu Jandal (identified above by the New York Times) – the same Abu Jandal that is presented as second in rank under Robert Ford’s friend Col. Okaidi in the latter’s victory huddle.

In another video where he stands proudly amidst a mix of fighters, Omar addresses the camera in Russian and recognizes the FSA’s valiant efforts in its eight months long siege of the government airbase.

So, let's review the timeline:

2006: USA trains Batirashvili al-Shishani

2013: USA allied to Batirashvili al-Shishani

2016: USA glows with pride for having "likely" killed Batirashvili al-Shishani

Maybe USA doesn't know what the eff it's doing???


Batirashvili al Shishani in his non-bearded days
Batirashvili al Shishani in his non-bearded days (second from left)


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