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Yet Another MH17 Theory... Kolomoisky Did It!

As long as the investigating governments stall on presenting their findings, these sorts of theories will run wild.  What, we wonder, could be the reason for this ridiculous stalling?  In the meantime, for those of you who go in for this sort of thing, yet another MH17 theory.  Oh, and also, the author argues, convincingly we think, that the Dutch authorities were (are) negligent and inept.  Hear, hear!

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This article originally appeared at Deep Resource

One of the largest political public forums in the Netherlands and focal point of the Dutch resistance against Islamization of the Netherlands, has published a leaked email, written by a Dutch diplomat and probably sent to colleagues within the Dutch foreign ministry. Date: 14 July 2014, that is three days before the MH17 tragedy. She reports about a briefing of western diplomats by Ukrainian foreign minister Pavlo Klimkin. Klimkin expressed his concern about the escalation of the military situation in the East. He also stresses the danger of the situation in the skies above Donbass and refers to a recent case of an Antonov that was downed from an altitude of 6200 m. The Geenstijl folks use the email to illustrate that the Dutch government knew very well about the dangers of flying over Donbass and (correctly) accuse the Dutch government of negligence and inaction. So far, so good.

But Geenstijl fails to notice a very interesting fact and as a consequence doesn’t draw far-reaching conclusions from it.

The Ukrainian foreign minister openly states that the separatists don’t have the means to take down planes from high altitude and (probably correctly) accuses the Russian Federation of taking the Ukrainian military Antonov down.

That’s quite a statement, made by a Ukrainian foreign minister, three days before the MH17 was shot down, please let that sink in.


  • The separatists did not do it, because they did not have the means to do it, as per Ukrainian foreign minister’s own admission.
  • Kiev didn’t do it either. You are not going to brief western diplomats on the highest level that the separatists don’t have the means to down the planes, if you intend to setup a false flag operation and blame the separatists anyway.
  • Technically, the Russians could have done it, like they likely did with the Antonov, but unlike the separatists, the Russians knew precisely which plane is what on the basis of radar information and downing a western plane is the last thing the Russians would want to do.

So, if neither the Russians, nor Kiev did it, than who did it?


Quatro non datur.

It must have been a rogue operation by the governor of Dnepropetrovsk, who picked up the phone and ordered a squadron to take out a plane with Vladimir Putin on board. But Putin’s plane decided on a last minute change of course and the Ukrainian fighter jet pilot took down the wrong plane.

It claims that oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi received intelligence that the Kremlin president’s aircraft, known as Plane Number One, was due to overfly the region and land at Rostov-on-Don, and ordered what was to become the shooting down of the MH17. This Russian city is close to the crash site. But, it is claimed, Putin’s route was changed and the last minute and he landed instead in Moscow.

[] – MH17 ‘was shot down in botched bid to assassinate PUTIN’

“About an hour before the catastrophe, three fighter jets took off [from Dnepropetrovsk]. One of the planes was an Su-25, which was equipped with these kind of [air-to-air] missiles,”… Once the surviving pilot got out of the plane, he looked “very frightened.”… The Ukrainian pilot’s first words as he got out of the jet were: “Wrong plane,” the alleged witness claimed. Later in the evening that same pilot also reportedly stated: “The plane happened to be in the wrong place at a wrong time.” According to RT, the pilot Vladislav Voloshin is real.


Right. Diving in our own archive:

[deepresource] – Drunken Kolomoysky Admits Ukraine Did It (Accidently)
[deepresource] – Hackers Learned Who Shot Down MH17 In Ukraine
[deepresource] – MH17 – Dmitro Yakatsuts & Anna Petrenko
[deepresource] – Vladislav Voloshin

These posts probably contain the correct scenario of what really happened.

This could also shed some new light on the recent dumping of Kolomoisky by the Kiev junta:

[deepresource] – Split in the Ukrainian Junta

This could be an indication that Kiev wants to get rid of Kolomoisky, but in the mean time give him the opportunity to pack his bags and take a hike to some ‘shitty little country’ in the Middle East, as French diplomat Daniel Bernard prefers to call it. That’s where this punk belongs anyway.

Well then, the plot thickens, as they say. Russia has shown radar pictures, indicating that a Ukrainian fighter jet was near the MH17 and the Americans did not debunk that with pictures of their own. Ergo, there was a fighter jet near the MH17. The West was and is busy drawing Ukraine from the sphere of influence of Russia into the West, so the last thing they could use was this failed stunt by rogue elements within Ukraine. So the West uses its media propaganda organs to initially blame the Russians and next gradually become silent on the subject, gain time and let some grass grow over the affair. Western strategy is one of damage control, to gain as much time as possible, but in the end they are probably going to let the cat out of the bag, probably by the end of this year. Or they are going to say that they can’t find the true culprit. The Dutch in the end are not going to cover up the killing of 196 of their own citizens and falsely blame the Russians, but are willing to cooperate with the Americans in stalling the judicial process for the price of 122.5 ton repatriated gold. That’s how international politics works.

P.S. this solution was offered to you, before Joost Niemoller and certainly before Dutch public prosecutor Fred Westerbeke with his six figure salary did. Are we smart or what :)

(But to be fair to Fred, he is part of the 122.5 ton repatriated gold operation worth $B 6.1, or the wind turbine equivalent of six conventional power stations, with each turbine given the name of one of the victims of MH17, just a hint)

P.S.2: The famous Bellingcat pictures of the truck carrying the Buk installation with the missing missile, could have been the one connected to the downed Antonov plane, 12:30 Ukr time, July 14, 2014.

P.S.3: [Discussion downing July 14 Antonov]


From: Willems, Gerrie
Sent: maandag 14 juli 2014 16:52
To: deleted
Subject: Oekraïne / tbv ER 16 juli / terugkoppeling briefing bij Presidentiële Administratie 14/7/2014

Beste collega’s,

Belangrijkste punten uit de (3e) briefing hedenmiddag bij Pres.Administratie, gegeven door Minister BZ Klimkin, Dep.Minister Presidential Administration Chaly en SBU-medewerkers, mede t.b.v. ER op 16 juli a.s. Deelnemers: CdP’s/medewerkers van ambassades van de EU-lidstaten, de VS, CAN, BRAZ, Japan.

– Oekraut hebben uitgebreid bewijsmateriaal dat RF nu openlijk militaire steun verleent aan de separatisten en zich openlijk op OEK grondgebied beweegt in het oosten van Oekraïne. Betreft Russische tanks, APC’s, wapens en Russische militairen. Daarmee is de situatie in het oosten in een nieuwe ‘critical and dangerous’ dimensie/fase terechtgekomen, aldus Klimkin.
Als meest recent concreet voorbeeld noemde Klimkin het neerschieten heden 12.30 OEK tijd van een Antonov-vliegtuig van de OEK luchtmacht(bedoeld voor bevoorrading OEK troepen) nabij Izvaryno/regio Lugansk. Antonov vloog op 6.200 m hoogte en kan alleen maar met Russisch materieel of door RF-eenheden zijn beschoten, aangezien separatisten zelf niet over dit soort antiaircraft wapens beschikken.
– Oekraut bereid tot de-escalerende maatregelen, conform criteria van EU en OVSE; hebben diverse voorstellen aan RFaut gedaan (w.o. voorstel tot bijeenkomen Contact Group ‘anywhere’, evt. zelfs in videoconf-format) – niets blijkt acceptabel voor RFaut.
– OEK verwacht solidariteit en een reactie van de internationale bondgenoten, met name de EU, in de vorm van besluit tot ‘bold actions’ (lees: sancties) tijdens ER van 16 juli a.s.
– Indien ‘bold actions’ uitblijven, zullen Oekraut zich genoodzaakt zien zichzelf te verdedigen, mede onder grote druk van de eigen bevolking. Oekraut realiseren zich ten volle dat hiermee een groot risico op verdere escalatie ontstaat.
– Klimkin sloot briefing af met herhaling van de randvoorwaarden voor uitvoering van
vredesplan Porosjenko: a) bilateraal staakt-het-vuren (zonder voorwaarden vooraf), b)
monitoring/verificatie door OVSE, c) vrijlating gegijzelden, d) effectieve grenscontroles.
VS-Ambassadeur beaamde dat het nu tijd was om sancties uit te breiden/aan te scherpen. Hij stelde tevens dat VS-intell bevestigde dat er sinds kort sprake is van meer invoer van Russisch materieel en Russische mankrachten in Oekraïne. Bracht tevens op dat RFaut blijkbaar hedenmiddag zouden hebben aangegeven bereid te zijn een OVSE-monitoringmissie aan de Russische kant van de grens toe te laten. VS-Ambassadeur achtte deze “concessie” van RF-zijde “another smoke screen”. Klimkin was het hiermee eens, aangezien het RF er volgens hem niet van zou weerhouden door te gaan met
invoer van RF-materieel en -mankrachten.
Druk op EU-hoofdsteden wordt hiermee opgevoerd aan de vooravond van de ER. Het gaat volgens Chaly niet alleen om Oekraïne, maar om de veiligheid in de regio. Oekraut hebben er volgens Chaly alles aan gedaan om te voldoen aan de criteria van de EU (ER 27 juni jl.) en de OVSE, waaronder het meer betrekken van RF bij het proces, maar niets lijkt te werken. Intussen gaat voor Oekraïne kostbare tijd verloren: President Porosjenko wil zijn vredesplan uitvoeren en het land wil hervormen.
– In de briefing van vanmiddag werd beeldmateriaal getoond van Russisch materieel en mankrachten die zich inmiddels op OEK grond gebied bevinden. Wat betreft de mankrachten was in een eerdere fase sprake van ‘alleen’ speciale eenheden, nu betreft het gewone militairen, huurlingen en hun commandanten. Wat betreft het materieel, wordt nu geen moeite meer gedaan de Russische merktekens te verhullen. Waar het eerder om enkele tientallen tanks (types T-72 en T-90) en APC’s ging, betreft het nu honderden. Daarnaast worden drones ingezet, type ‘Arlan-10’. Op 11 juli jl. is de Zwarte Zee-Vloot in Sebastopol in hoogste staat van paraatheid geplaatst. Ook zouden 300 scherpschutters in Vladivostok klaarstaan om naar Oekraïne af te reizen.
– Daarnaast gaat de ‘informatie-oorlog’ door met door RF verspreide onwaarheden. Ook gaan de recruteringsbureaus in de RF door met hun activiteiten via social media; deze bureaus worden volgens Chaly bemensd door medewerkers van de RF-GRU (militaire veiligheidsdienst).
– Tevens werd geluidsmateriaal ten gehore gebracht. Eén fragment betrof tel.gesprek van de deputy van Strelkov (militaire commandant van pro-Russische separatisten in Donetsk-regio) met Moskou waarin deputy verzocht om inzet van RF vliegtuigen boven OEK grondgebied.

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