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A Message From the Editor

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Dear Readers,

It has now been one year since we launched RI in September of 2014, and in that short amount of time we have achieved something extraordinary.

We have had serious impact on the world debate over Russia. Many more people are now aware that there is something seriously wrong with how the Western media cover Russia.

<figcaption>"Your generation is very lucky, you have a historic opportunity to make the world better."</figcaption>
"Your generation is very lucky, you have a historic opportunity to make the world better."

Over a thousand of you have sent in contributions, for a total of almost $70,000 - if not for you, we would not have been able to continue.

Thanks to your gifts, we have expanded, grown our readership, delivered more original content, built an advertising department, and attracted more supporters.  

RI continues to grow rapidly, and it is clear we are on track to become a major voice in world media as long as our readership continues to back us.

So I want to ask you to please, if you haven’t already, make a contribution to RI, and if you have, to please renew it or give a little more.   

Together, we have done an enormous amount with relatively little, and we can do so much more.

If you would like to donate via a bank wire or transfer, you will need the following information:

Account Number: 385020715139

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Visit our support page to make a PayPal donation

Address paper checks to ‘Insider Media, LLC’ and mail to:

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Thank you for your support!


Charles Bausman, Editor

Support Russia Insider - Go Ad-Free!

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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