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Merkel's Weird Shaking in Public Spells THE END of Her Imploding Career

This is a transcript from the embedded video which is from Steve Turley's excellent YouTube channel. Turley continues to acquire a large audience because he talks about current events from an intelligent conservative angle in ways others do not. Trust us, he will only grow in significance over the coming months and year, especially during the 2020 election season.

Well, it DOES look like the long tenure of Angela Merkel as German Chancellor is coming to an end, obviously for health reasons. I do not know how many of you have seen the videos of Merkel shaking uncontrollably, but in her latest public episode, you can see her standing at attention at a ceremony to honor Finland's Prime Minister in Berlin and her legs and torso just begin shaking really rather violently. She seems almost surreal in terms of her facial expression, she knows she’s getting caught physically degenerating and she knows that there’s direct relationship to her political degeneration as well. 

Now, no one seems to know what’s going on. There has been all kinds of speculation in the media. She claims its dehydration and the lack of sleep, which is of course utter nonsense and everybody knows it. It is stunning to me how complicit the corporatist globalist media is in all of this; can you imagine if this were Trump?

Can you imagine if Trump started shaking uncontrollably at public events and then told everyone that it was all because of dehydration? I mean the media would be like a bunch of sharks having a feeding frenzy, they would want to know any and all medical history, they would be questioning is fitness for the presidency, even more than they have already done, they would call immediately for his resignation, and here, with Merkel, it’s like well, you have to admire how brave she looks when facing adversity. Look at her quiet and calm demeanor when confronted with her physical futilities. I mean, it is an absolute joke. 

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Having said that, there is no consensus, I am reading even medical websites that are speculating on what could be causing these tremors, no one knows, or at least they’re not telling us. Regardless, I DO think this is it, I think Merkel is through, I think it’s over, it’s just a matter of time. I have stated repeatedly that I don’t think Merkel will finish her term, I think she will resign and there will be a bit of a powerplay to see who replaces here from with the CDU, the Christian Democratic Union, her party.

Whether it will be someone more akin to the conservative nationalist East German wing of the Party and the Christian Social Union sentiments of Bavaria, that are closer to the conservatism of Austria with its emphasis on border security and cultural Christian identity, or are they going to go more with the globalist liberal paradigm of Merkel, that works very comfortably aligning itself with the Social Democrats. We will have to see on that, but these physical episodes are but the latest in a string of political catastrophes for Merkel, THAT’s what I think we have to understand here. 

Merkel’s tenure has been collapsing for some time now; there were already rumors that the NEW leader of the CDU, whose name is Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, she’s often referred to as just AKK, she’s actually had to quell rumors that she was plotting to topple Angela Merkel just after the European Parliament elections, and this was largely in response to the surge in popularity for the AfD, which is the nationalist Alternative for Germany, who’ve been surging in Eastern Germany, which is Angela Merkel’s home. The AfD is currently polling as the number one most popular party, well ahead of Angela Merkel’s CDU, and the AfD is on course for huge election wins in the fall that analysts argue could force Merkel out of office before her term ends.

As it stands right now, the AfD is poised to win the most seats in eastern German legislatures in their upcoming elections, which would be an enormous blow to the political credibility of Merkel. And what’s so interesting here is that even though the AfD has sort of plateaued in the mid-teens in terms of overall support nationally in Germany, they are successfully turning eastern Germany into a stronghold, Merkel has of course resigned as leader of the CDU, which for her was a pretty radical move. 

You have to remember that up until that point when she stepped down, Merkel consistently stressed the importance of the chancellor holding the CDU leadership position to ensure the stability of the party, otherwise, it appears like the party has two heads. But Merkel was forced to give ground on that principle after the CDU lost ground in a number of regional elections, and so, she was forced to resign from her post as leader of the CDU. Then, that was followed by a major, major defeat for Merkel when her choice for parliamentary leader was soundly defeated in a vote by her own party. To give you a sense of how significant a political defeat this was for Merkel: this was the first time in 40 years that a Chancellor had his or her pick for parliamentary leader defeated.

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The first time in 40 years!!! And this defeat for Merkel was so significant that you had papers that are otherwise quite supportive of Merkel saying that this was indeed marking the end of an era. She was being called a ‘lame duck’ whose days in power were now officially numbered. 

But then, things got even worse, you had the Bavarian elections and the Hesse elections where the CDU performed miserably in face of defections to the nationalist AfD, and that forced Merkel to announce not only that she will step down as leader of the CDU, but also that she will not seek re-election as Chancellor in the next national election. Keep in mind, many had been frankly whispering that Merkel would not even win if she stood for re-election as party leader at their conference in December of last year.

So, her stepping down was in many ways just an attempt to stave off what would have been a horrible political embarrassment. So Merkel has already gone through a series of, shall we say, mini-resignations, and there have already been calls among conservative CDU members for her to just step aside. The leader of the conservative union within the CDU and CSU coalition has formerly requested that Angela Merkel resign, and their junior coalition partners, the Social Democrats. They continue to lose support in the polls and so there’s enormous pressure within their ranks to pull out of the coalition government, which would destroy Merkel’s majority. I mean, this government is being held together by a thread, and so, in many respects, her physical frailty appears rather symbolic of her political frailty, so I don’t think that Chancellor Merkel will be on the public stage for much longer.

Source: Turley Talks
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