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Merkel-Hollande-Putin: What Will Be Ukraine's Fate?

For peace to break out many western buffoons will have to swallow many bitter pills, reneg on many promises

Last evening an emergency meeting between Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s Francois Hollande, and Russian’s Vladimir Putin took place at the Kremlin.

The event could not have been more mysterious if orchestrated by Hollywood. For nearly four hours the three met behind closed doors in the Kremlin to try and mediate a Ukraine civil war.

Now the world waits on “substantive” agreements made, while surely many promises have to be broken. As for real answers, here’s some thought points.

For those of us outside the Kremlin walls, outside the front gates of the White House or Whitehall, Ukraine is an utter catastrophe few understand. This is for very good reasons.

As a correspondent who’s studied the situation into the night hours, believe me the civil war there holds many a mystery. Mainstream media in the west, the continual droning out of Kiev, they leave us all wanting for real answers.

As for Russia media, or even the cries from the region proclaimed “Novorossiya” on social media? Well, the Washington led propaganda machine has muddied almost ALL the public’s belief systems.

News these days, it’s as seemingly unbelievable and noisy as cannon fire in Donetsk. Like citizens there, most of us just go about our business in silent prayer; “Please God, save me from the bombs, my family needs me.”

What a stunning mess our world leaders have made of Europe. As the EU’s chosen ones approach the great Russian bear yet again, only a very few things seem transparent at all. 

The outcome of those talks will most certainly reveal a hundred promises unkept. I think it was Aristophanes who said:

“To win the people, always cook them some savoury that pleases them.” 


Ukraine gas reserves

Well for the Ukraine civil war to end there’s some bitter medicine to be swallowed by many. You see it matters little who was the instigator of the Maidan mess today.

The people of the world are weary, and none so much as the citizens of Donetsk and the Donbass. We want an end to the killing, one way or another. So rich entrepreneurs and politicians, promised the wealth of this shattered country, they’ll have to walk away. This, and only this, we all know for certain.

Perhaps Vladimir Putin knew all along, US Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, and the shadowy people behind Burisma Holdings, they’d be left unfulfilled where Dnieper Donets Basin gas reserves were concerned.

Let’s all face it, Washington’s chosen do not just “happen” along into the steppes of Russia. If Biden is at a place most Americans never heard of, there’s 100 more who were promised their spoils of war.

We’re told by investigative reporters in the know, of miraculous constructs in the Yzovka shale gas fields near Slavyansk, not 50 km from the forward reaches of the rebels’ offensive now.

Since western investors’ glee was largely dependent on war covering Ukrainian disapproval of fracking technologies in the first place, Poroshenko’s brethren must be panicking now that the Donbass boys are approaching those fields.

Now Dutch Royal Shell (owned by Netherlands and UK concerns) will have their hearts broken by broken promises from Europe’s last chance for generic shale gas.

That’s right, Washington has problems with a peace accord, and London, Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin do too. If you’ll recall, Germany just outlawed fracking on account of groundwater contamination issues.

This report by the ubiquitous Tyler Durden (probably Daniel Ivandjiiski) on Zero Hedge, it lays it all out nicely. What Durden (Ivandjiiski) does not get into is the indisputable string of “favors” and “promises” that have to exist for the whole Ukraine affair.

Take the roles of US assistant secretary of state Victoria Nuland US envoy to the Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, for one political instance. The fact either of these incompetents is still holding office betrays some manner of “fuzzy” US foreign affairs logic.

If Nuland’s Benghazi talking points revisions were a lone instance of mystery, puppeteers for who would be king of Kiev’s junta and “fucking the EU” should have ended her career.

As for Pyatt, he just seems like a geographically and historically challenged NATO idiot. Somehow revising Holocaust history for the Jews and everyone else, it did not cost him banishment to Mozambique.

As metaphoric and nebulous has my report gets about here, so too most readers will now identify, with Mr. Putin’s chagrin, over dealing with these people.

What has to be most difficult for a pragmatist like Putin though, is the apparent collective “belief” by western dignitaries in their own lies. Case in point, branded Nazis and whackos on the NATO-US chessboard.

Janika Merilo, Advisor to Ukraine Economy Minister

To conclude briefly, if Putin and the rest of the stable leadership of Earth were asked honestly about the US allies versus Russia, no doubt he’d laugh before answering.

News from USA Today to BBC speaks of an unbalanced Russian Czar, a tyrant poised to either self destruct or explode onto the European continent like Genghis Khan.

Meanwhile, all the Kremlin spyglasses watch all of Ukraine and greater Europe populated by the criminally mediocre, and the unscrupulously affiliated.

From brain dead boxing celebrities in political tights, to Europe’s mediocre policy misfits, and the real life versions of Maleficent like dark beauty Jaanika Merilo, Kiev today resembles Hitler’s famous “Crystal Night” – when madness gripped Europe’s most powerful nation.

I can imagine the informed intellect of Putin or even Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov wrestling with such a vision. But what can we the people count on, hope for, believe in, in the absence of a guiding light of truth that is?

Mr. Peskov prepared the post meeting announcement. No doubt the Kremlin’s and the German Chancellery coffee pots are steamily at work today, brewing up what we will hear is in store for Ukraine and Europe. I know you’re no less confused reading my update. This is the point though, don’t you see?

There is no proof, we have no facts to go on, in the end we can only have faith in who’s sane and insane. Looking at the players, the drama laid out before us, only one figure seems rock steady. The rest? We’ll see 10 years from now, which promises were kept, and which were broken.

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