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Media Weeps For 'Ultra-Conservative Moderate Rebels' After Russia Bombs Terrorists Near Turkish Border

Reuters does it again

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

"Jets believed to be Russian hit an outpost run by moderate rebel forces in northwestern Syria near a major border crossing with Turkey, killing at least one fighter and wounding several people," Reuters reported on Sunday, obviously referring to Saudi and Turkish-backed jihadists who are designated terrorists — even in Germany

According to Reuters, Russian airstrikes targeted "Babeska, a village in Idlib province that has become a haven for several moderate Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups, mainly Jaish al Islam".

<figcaption>Flying Hitler, according to Reuters</figcaption>
Flying Hitler, according to Reuters

So Jaish al Islam is a "moderate FSA" group hanging out in Idlib? 

 That's nice — aside from the fact that it's 100% not true on all counts:

So: They're not part of the Free Syrian Army and they want to create an "Islamic State under Sharia Law", using Saudi money. Sounds like a "moderate" slam dunk to us. 

It gets better, though. Remember how Reuters said the attack was in Idlib province? Again, our friend Wikipedia:

Ahrar al-Sham enjoys backing from Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and is one of the largest rebel factions in Syria. The group is considered a terrorist organization by Russia, Syria, Iran, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

But this is how the Associated Press described Ahrar al-Sham, after two of its members were arrested in Germany and changed with terrorism

Prosecutors said 24-year-old Kamel T.H.J. and 22-year-old Azad R. allegedly fought with the ultra-conservative Ahrar al-Sham against other rebel groups and Syrian government troops in the Aleppo area from at least August 2013 until April 2014, when the younger man was injured.

Ultra-conservative. We have now evolved into the realm of "ultra-conservative moderate rebels". Unfortunately, Russia still just calls them "terrorists" — and bombs them. 

Earlier this week, Ahrar al-Sham took a few shots at a Russian helicopter — and then awarded themselves medals for their heroic deed. 

Russia has now returned the favor. 




More bad news for Erdogan and the 10,000 Saudi princes:

Reuters is terrible.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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