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Media Ignore 20,000 Nazis Marching in Kiev, Obsess Over Charlottesville

We wonder why

This post first appeared on Russia Insider

An excellent, hard-hitting clip from the Russian evening news that covers the latest in a long line of Nazi marches in Ukraine. Full transcript following video below.

The influence of Neo-Nazi ideology in post-Maidan Ukraine is something the Main Stream Media never cover, much like the so-called "moderate" decapitators in Syria.

Whenever MSM does mention Neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine, they always brush it off as some minute element, insignificant in the large scale of a peaceful, Democratic, westernizing Ukraine - a country the West traditionally hates.

Funny how the moment the big bad Slavs "westernize", they become the good guys - the Racism of that concept is infuriating.

This video shows just how far Nazism influences the country, President Poroshenko himself does not dare step onto the streets of this march or he would be "torn to pieces" by his own people, as the video shows.

The saddest part is these Ukrainian Nationalists don't even seem to realize that the West will never love them or Slavs in general.

Ukrainian Nationalists are being used as useful idiots in an ancient plan to divide and conquer Russia, starting with the destruction of Russia's birthplace - Kiev. Western powers have been trying to do this since before the Austrian Empire.

Ukrainian (Pravi Sektor) Neo-Nazi Logic: Those who don't jump are Moskal. Translation: Help us divide and destroy Ukraine, or you are an agent of Russia.

In the same way Hitler would have inevitably exterminated the Ukrainian Nazis who fought with him in WW2 as shown in this video, these Ukrainian nationalists are not building a Ukraine which will be accepted into the EU, the West still hates them as always, what they are doing is unwittingly destroying what remains of the lands of Kievan Rus', the first Russian state, while her enemies look on and laugh at them.

Ukraine has a choice to make, and this is the wrong path to take.

The last hope of Ukraine is not Nazism, the glorification of war criminals, or serving people who will never love her, the final hope of this land to turn to her own people Russia - because let's face it: Ukrainians are NOT just our friends---They're family.

Video Transcript:


Growing Nazism. Marching of boots on the pavement, fiery torches in their hands, eyes burning with hatred, fires and insulting slogans flying up to the sky, Kiev.

October 17th. Neo-Nazi gathering. We are Benderovtsy. Europe has been marked by the ominous torchlight processions of the nationalist radicals so far. Now Ukraine took the baton.

October 14 in Ukraine was celebrated not only as the foundation day of the UPA, an organization that tarnished itself with mass atrocities, killing of civilians by the most perverted methods, but also as the "Defender of the Fatherland Day." 3 years ago, Peter Poroshenko, by his decree, canceled the traditional holiday on February 23 and appointed a celebration on October 14. But the head of state apparently did not dare lead the Nazi march in Kiev personally.

President didn't have enough courage for quite understandable reasons: if he appeared on Khreshchatyk in the torchlight, the crowd, judging by the slogans and chants, would have torn him to pieces.

October torchlight procession called "March of Glory" in Kiev was held in the heart of the city. The organizers were the National Corps and the Right Sector, both organizations are banned in Russia. The all-Ukrainian Union "Freedom" didn't remain on the sidelines.

The authors of the march expected to gather several tens of thousands of participants. However, according to the Kiev police, no more than 7,000 people took part in the nationalists march.

The tradition of such "political rituals" in the form of a torchlight procession is rooted in the spectacular aesthetics of the totalitarian regimes of fascist Italy and Nazi Germany.

Historians claim that judging by the photos, on Sunday Kiev looked like Berlin in 1933. And not only the theatrical evening torch procession. In the afternoon the facade of the "Ukrainian House" on the Khreshchatyk's European Square was decorated with high banners with the symbols of the "National Corps" party.

This was the imitation of fascist banners in 1933, when the Nazis came to power in Germany. An interesting detail. German media in reporting on the torchlight procession in Kiev didn't set themselves apart in kindness, retaining only a dry informational style.

The authors merely directed readers' attention to the use of the SS troops' runes, for example, the "wolf hook" and the Nazi greetings.

Armen Gasparyan, political scientist:

Anyone who sees at least 2 minutes what is happening on October 14th in Kiev, and before that he saw at least 1.5 seconds or minutes of any chronicle of the Third Reich time, very quickly will come to the only possible conclusion, he sees reincarnation, he sees in this case an unlicensed copy of the Third Reich.

And how can they recognize this in the US and the EU?

From the US until now they tell us fairy tales that they are shooting themselves in the Donbass, that children can never take up arms and go kill their former fellow citizens. And the EU in general tactfully doesn't notice all that's happening in this region.


Historically, members of the US secret society KKK, were ardent fans of torchlight processions. The organization appeared after US Civil War.

The main idea of the clan is the superiority of white people, and KKK members intimidated not only the Blacks, but also those who sympathized with them. The murders and executions of the KKK were usually preceded by a warning, in the form of a torchlight procession.

According to political scientists, the current Ukrainian authorities are deliberately pulling out of the past clearly odious personalities like Stepan Bandera, Roman Shukhevych, Simon Petliura, trying to make them heroes who fought for the "independence" of the country.

Parliament even issued special resolutions on memorable dates, which includes the anniversary birthdays of nationalists. The real heroes of Ukraine, who died in the fields of WWII, veterans, of whom there are very few, the Ukrainian authorities aren't interested in them.

After all, they are connected with another country the USSR, and therefore unwanted. However, on the eve of the torchlight procession, there were scandals. In today's Ukraine there are many who consider it absolutely unacceptable to honor the military formations who fought on the side of Nazi Germany.

In Kharkov, unknown people doused with red paint a commemorative UPA sign. In Poland, as well as in Russia, they also don't favor the Ukrainian Insurgent Army. So in the Polish city of Rzeszow, unknown people wrote on Ukrainian consulate building's wall Ukraine is equal to OUN-UPA, Waffen-SS Galicia.

And in the Polish Grusovici village a monument of the "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" was dismantled. And Poland openly stated that Ukraine will not enter Europe together with Bandera. The Polish people aren't impressed with the monument to Simon Petliura that was opened in Vinnitsa.

Vinnitsa became the first city where monument to Simon Petliura, one of the Ukrainian nationalist movement leaders of the early 20th century, appeared.

Armen Gasparyan, political scientist:

Petlyura, from their point of view fought for some kind of independent Ukraine, although at the same time silent that it was he who at the time gave Western Ukraine to Poland.

But they need a hero. Only a single Bandera and Shukhevych will not fill the people. They need some people, from 1917. Well, they found exactly the same scum. In this case, of course, I'm talking about Petlyura. Now they will try to push him to the forefront.

You probably saw the footage of the monument's opening, when officials in Vinnitsa, the city where horrific Jewish pogroms took place, they stood and were baptized at the monument to Petlyura. This in my opinion is very, very indicative story.


After the Red Army victory Petliura fled to Paris, where in May 1926 he died at the hands of Sholom Shvartsbard, who avenged the death of his relatives and other Jews who died during the Petlyura pogroms.

As for the torchlight processions, then, apparently, it was not the last in Ukraine. The Verkhovna Rada has already registered a bill according to which the rebel army waged a liberation struggle for the restoration of an independent Ukrainian state.

So, its soldiers have the right to the status of veterans and benefits. The Ukrainian parliament also took another initiative. If it's supported, then all military men will be forced to greet with Bandera's "Glory to Ukraine, glory to heroes."

Armen Gasparyan, political scientist:

It will not stop with glorifying of Bandera, Shukhevych and Petliura.

The day is not far off when I think that they will openly glorify, well, for example, the 118th Shutsmanschaft battalion of the Bukovina Kuren. This one, in particular, became infamous for the burning of the village of Khatyn in Belarus.

Therefore, we should expect further glorification of all possible war criminals. This is done in order to justify, among other things, a new generation of war criminals who have tainted themselves with numerous crimes against humanity, 


The assertion that Nazi ideology is capable of destroying a government, finds its confirmation in modern history in Ukraine.

The Third Reich has long been destroyed, but it scattered around the world in the 30s and 40s, the seeds of Nazism give their ugly shoots even decades later.

Well, history, as you know, doesn't teach anything, but severely punishes for the ignorance of its lessons. Growing Nazism.

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This post first appeared on Russia Insider

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